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What kind of men Latvian girls like?

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Male Admin 
#85 | Posted: 8 Sep 2014 00:11 | Edited by: Plomb
Mohan Singh:
we Indian Aryans are master race we taught u idiots how to count

One question please. WHO did teach your superior-master Indian Aryans race to count?? Do you honestly think you have been teached to count on your own? Come'on.

It's very sad to see postings like this. It appears India now also going down to national transcendence which it never was; and that in general made India transcendent.

You may take a look at yourself and discover you are just a sub-species of human kind. Having legs, arms, a head, a similar construction body, and just a bit different hair and skin structure. Now take a look at other species of Nature Earth and you will discover hundreds kinds of apes, fishes, birds, animals and insects, all of which having the similar body structure with just minor differences.

You don't have to think you are unique, because you are all disappearing, like all the human race. Elephants, snakes, and cows, your heroes, are much more different in race template. Humans are divided just into a few parts of segments. Humans are going to join the Red Book soon.

Idiots!.. You must be sure enough to look into a mirror more often.
#86 | Posted: 16 Sep 2014 06:19
India is a nation dominated by Indian Aryans. Only Mongols and Turkish ppl once free those native brown indians from Aryan rule. Frankly speaking, without Aryan indians, india would be same like Africa, even ancient indian civilization was exactly created by Aryan indians.
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Female Lady Blady 
#87 | Posted: 17 Sep 2014 23:15
Aryan rule, ho-ho. Is that a RULE you invented on your own? just take a closer look at the world. It will disappoint you, because it's out of your rule, moron.
#88 | Posted: 19 Sep 2014 05:45
hey look I'm an Indian whatever that guy wrote there isn't anything like depends on individual about which kind of men/women they like....they are good/bad and ugly/beautiful people in every race..unfortunately there are some idiots like that guy who are being self racist and making India to feel ashamed in front of foreigners like u all..anyways greetings to u all from India...stay blessed...
#89 | Posted: 19 Sep 2014 16:35

Ridiculous, then tell me why indians re divided into four classes since Aryan invasion?
#90 | Posted: 19 Sep 2014 17:51
SEEFRWEFWE..first of all what do u intent to say by for that cast system..idk..they say upper cast people usually carry Caucasian genes and are fair and tall..usually in north India..and the lower u go..u will find people with australoid,negroid and mongoloid genes...I'm not trying to be racist..I'm just trying to explain what u've asked...but I don't believe in all this..I myself come from a very upper cast Hindu Brahmin parents use to say cast system describes behaviour of people in India..the upper cast people are more well behaved,respectful and intelligent then the lower..and I do agree with this coz of my personal experience...the cast system is classified in 4 groups...
1)Brahmin (priest)
2)rajput,kshatriya(warriors and rulers)
3)vaisyas(skilled traders,merchants and minor officials)
4)sudras(unskilled workers)
5)dalits(untouchables,outcasts)...they r worst in this cast worst I mean life was miserable for those people...
I've listed them as they r grouped in cast system from 1st to 5th from 1st to 3rd they r upper cast and 4th and 5th r lower..again I would say... I'm not trying to be racist..I'm just trying to explain what u've asked...and btw that Mohan Singh is not a Hindu he is a Muslim troll..I've just found some of his post on Topix forums..
now does this helps...??..
#91 | Posted: 19 Sep 2014 18:18
Only Turkish ppl and Mongol invaders free native indians from Aryan indians. Native indians re dumb while Aryan indians re more advanced, anyway U HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT for that's the ground fact
#92 | Posted: 19 Sep 2014 18:22
Without hierarchy, india will not be so-called india, for "native" india had been enslaved and conquered by Aryans. Aryans establish the hierarchical system to slave native indians TILL NOW. Yeah, that's india.
#93 | Posted: 19 Sep 2014 18:36
SEEFRWEFWE.....are u an Indian as well..??..and what's ur point..??
Male Contributor 
#94 | Posted: 20 Sep 2014 00:45
Agreed/ as I know Aryans are mostly tourists to India. They give some money and get some spirit in back. Not sure if it is all about the Governments.
#95 | Posted: 8 Oct 2014 20:10
I will say this about Latvian women, they are beautiful and most are very highly educated. In the same breath I will tell you that they are fake for the most part until you get to know them and that is the hardest part of it all. I have to say that I was lucky when I found my fiancé and she was older and past all the game playing that was going on with most of her friends.

The hardest part to deal with when you are speak to Latvian women and women in general is trust. But the Latvian / Russian women that live in Latvia have heard every line and story that a man has to get into there pants. They trust very little and will doubt everything that you say until time shows that you are truthful and mean what you say. For the most part most of the women in Latvia know that they have to try hard to find a good man and once they find one, they have to fight to keep him home and not in the bars getting with other women that want to take him away from the woman at home. That is more the mentality of the man than the woman. The women mostly want a man that will come home to them but that is hard to find when you have so many women that are willing to do just about anything to take a man that already has a family.

So the trust issue with the Latvian women is something that is earned and not just given with a few lines. But my fiancé has told me that you will always find the "kind girls" that are there to make problems when they see there is a good relationship, and the man has a good job.

So my advice to all the men that go to Latvia to find a women, just have patience and stay focused on one girl, because if you try to play the field, they will know about it quickly because most of them know each other or someone that will tell them what you are doing.

You also have to get past the fact that gossip among these women are crazy. Just the other day when I came to visit my fiancé, someone told me when I was gone that they saw her in the bar. I guess just to get a reaction out of me. Then when I asked when did you see my girl at the restaurant with another man, the person told me that it was on a Tuesday, which was shocking because my girlfriend was speaking to me at the exact time on FaceTime and did not leave the home that day. Find out that was one of her friends that I have turned down after having her want to see if I will cheat on my girl. I guess you can count that up to being bored or just wanting to start trouble. My girlfriend laughed with her mother with me and said, That is our people!!
#96 | Posted: 29 Dec 2014 02:59
I read all, I'm Emad from Libya. i hate ppl who want meet girls for s6x. that guy who asked for Latvian girls because he and other like him just know about eastern european girls are easy and love money for do s6x for little bit money, hmmmm these ppl are stupid. Sorry for that stupid from Dubai ' yuta '.
Male Forums Member 
#97 | Posted: 8 Jan 2015 20:54
I think... Normal man
#98 | Posted: 28 Jan 2015 05:04
I am sorry but you can not speak for all Latvian Women. I am American and African American (Black and American Indian) I have dark skin and when I went to Latvia, and met my girlfriend that will soon be my wife, her family and friends did not have a problem with my color, matter of fact it waa just the oposite of what you are saying. All of her girlfriends were very complimentary of my color and actual made so many good comments about me that my girlfriend started to feel uncomfortable about the attention I was getting from her girlfriends. If you really live in Latvia, you know that men are a shortage and with most men in Latvia (Latvian and Russian) they know that they can go after many women even when they are in a relationship or married, because there is always another woman trying to pull him away from a relationship that he is presently involved.

Just like one of the people on here commented on the men, most Latvian Men are dogs (players of women) and they know that most of the women there are desparate to find a man and to get married. That is not a single stroke observation, that is a FACT. I heard the conversations of many of my girlfriend''s friends speak about the fact that they can not find a man and if they do get a man, he is 90% of the time in another relationship. Most of the women understand that they are going to have to share and still want to get married and just except the fact that this is going to happen. These men in Latvia know that they only have to put the fishing pole in the water and many women will bite at it. I have many friends that are Latvian men and they laugh about this fact that I just stated. It is amazing to see so many beautiful women that are just looking for honesty and love. I have seen many that are getting older, just get pregnant so that they can have a child and say that it is not the best situation but at least I have a kid, even if the people there will look down on her for having a kid and not being married. (example) : Before I met my future wife, she told me that so many men have come up to her and often after getting to know her professionally, there only comment was that they want affair with her. She told them that she is not like that and that is not what she wants. His response was funny but sick at the same time. He told her that she is acting old fashion and that does she want a man that is next to her all the time "eating and farting"? My girlfriend said yes that is exactly what I want and no, I will not have a affair with you. Then after men and my girlfriend started dating, she looked at her email and showed it to me when I was sitting next to her on the beach in Jurmala for a vacation. His email wrote: I hope that you have a great summer and I miss seeing you sense you left your job and no longer have to come to my office for me to sign contracts with your company, but I hope you are ok and EVEN A ICE QUEEN SHOULD BE HAPPY!! My girlfriend showed me this and she said, this is what the women of Latvia have to deal with everyday. Married men and men with girlfriends that want to have flings outside of there relationships. She said that the biggest problem is the back stabbing of women to take other men that they know are in a relationship. The dumb thing is that these same women get upset when they have a man and the man that they took from another women does the same thing to them and start to cheat with other women.

Now I will say that the Latvian women (Latvian and Russian) are loyal and they just want to have a family with a man that will stand with them and just live there lives. They want to see a man that will be by them all the time and not get drunk all the time and spend time with there women and kids. I can not say that all of the women love to cook but they know how too, and they are very family oriented. Most of the women that I have met with my girlfriend that are friends of her, love to dress to impress and they always take care of themselves. Now I know that is a broad statement that is what I have seen in my 2 years of going to Latvia and meeting her friends in a casual setting and in a party setting. Latvian women are beautiful but if you look deeper into there hearts, you will find everything that you are looking for in a wife. Of course you have the ones that are after money and if you open your eyes just for a moment, you will see the gold diggers.

As for your comments on Foreigners just looking for beautiful women and physical sweaty contact. Well that is also true but that is a broad sweeping statement that needs to be corrected. NOT ALL MEN are just there for that reason that you pointed out. Yes you have your jerks that are there for one thing but you will find that in any country. The hardest thing about dating in Latvia and having a dark tan (African American) is the older people that do not accept change. Any women that would consider dating a foreigner white or black are considered dirty or she was a prostitute and she met a man that she liked. That is the mindset in Latvia when it comes with the older generation. Not all but most. And if you go to the smaller towns which I consider just larger villiages like Liepaja. It is crazy and the looks are unwelcoming. Foreigners are just outsiders and they make it clear that they do not want you there by the looks and glares that you get. The Latvian Men are jealous because you are with one of there women, and the women see it as being to bold because after you leave, they have to live there and deal with all the rumors and back talking. That is something that me and my girlfriend had to deal with for a long time but now they have a understanding that we are together and they stopped all that stupid talk, but you have some that do not accept anything. The only time that things really started to change is when the town found out that we are getting married soon and then they started to ease up on the stupidity. Just remember going to the smaller towns, you get smaller minds. Riga is not to far from being small minded but they see more foreigners there so they have a better tolerance of what they see and just continue on there way, you will have some that will say something, but the best thing to do is to just stand your ground. Most will walk away if they see that you are serious. We spend most of our time with her daughter and son in Jurmala and we go back to Liepaja only when we are ready to go back into time.

So no, not all Foreigners are what you think, that is like saying that all the Blondes on the Blonde Parade Riga and Liepaja are stupid. Just the idea of saying that shows a lack of intelligence. But what I have said about the men in Latvia is absolutely true.
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