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What kind of men Latvian girls like?

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yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#99 | Posted: 7 Feb 2015 20:47
Hey Zec! Whatever I'd have to say at first, you are way too much obsessed of your own either your thinking! I doubt someone could be powerful enough these days to read your message in whole... However, I was, and there I'll reply some things...

her family and friends did not have a problem with my color, matter of fact it waa just the oposite of what you are saying

I never said my words could be the only true - but let's not forget, that you also have just a private case, and nothing related to generic issues or common knowledge...

If you really live in Latvia, you know that men are a shortage and with most men in Latvia (Latvian and Russian) they know that they can go after many women even when they are in a relationship or married, because there is always another woman trying to pull him away from a relationship that he is presently involved.

I really live in Latvia, and I know it quite well what you say about

most Latvian Men are dogs (players of women) and they know that most of the women there are desparate to find a man and to get married

I'd say there's much difference to Dogs and Slaves; so if you think most men are Dogs here... well, may be you are right - I don't know what MOST of men are about, I just know about the circle of my friends, and they are NOT Dogs, definitely!!

That is not a single stroke observation, that is a FACT.

It's an unconfirmed fact, you know. It's a "fact" only in your saying. Nothing more than that. What you're experiencing from your local conversations, could not be ever facts.

they can not find a man and if they do get a man, he is 90% of the time in another relationship

It's only about your own girlfriends, and that's definitely NOT a fact. As I know from my own experience, such girlfriends being older than 30 and still couldn't find their personal men, do have their own problems. That's a true story of our modern world - we could criticize each other a lot, but if we speak to ourselves, we are too weak to recognize our own sins.

It doesn't only affect Latvia. It could affect any other country in the World. You know, most of people have "defects" - in their speech, or their look, or some of their very deep internal being. People are not perfect, in general. That's why, when we're trying to find our partners, it's a very rare chance to find someone you would truly enjoy in years. That's a big luck. And that's about more than 11 milliards people on Earth - so you have a chance, 1 from 11,000,000,000 - it's not even a lottery - it's closely to impossible!!! That's why people meet and split all the time. Just maths.

It is amazing to see so many beautiful women that are just looking for honesty and love.

Again, you are too subjective "Amazing" could be different to different men. Men actually are not fools. They have deep instincts, and they choose their women following their instinct, not a fact. And the basic instinct, is to have kids. If a woman is too weak or not prepared for such a role of being a mother, then a clever man would likely never choose her as his partner. That's a thing I discovered quite quickly in my life

I have seen many that are getting older, just get pregnant so that they can have a child and say that it is not the best situation but at least I have a kid, even if the people there will look down on her for having a kid and not being married.

A cold fact, but it is. Well, but is it truly just in Latvia? I think that's a generic tendency in the whole world now. And it's quite regular and usual. Nothing to wonder at... Hopefully I've explained above why it happens so.

My girlfriend showed me this and she said, this is what the women of Latvia have to deal with everyday.

I have read this all, and I think, it's not about your girlfriend's "business contact" ;) Now let's take a look at yourself: you are reading personal messages of your potential wife.... which is ALLOWING to read such messages to you!.. For me it would be quite not normal case. First of all, I'm a person and my husband is also a person. We don't read messages of each other. If I'm curious to know some message arrived from someone I don't know, I would ask my partner directly about it. And hopefully, always HE will response with a True Information. The same is about Me.

I'm not just sure what your relationship is about, but it seems unusual So, your "just-a-girlfriend" shares some messages dedicated to her from another man, and you accept them, and make her drive in a different way... So whatever you say at first in your message, looks like it would be ALL about you, too!

Married men and men with girlfriends that want to have flings outside of there relationships.

Nah-nah, it's not about what you have described ;)

The dumb thing is that these same women get upset when they have a man and the man that they took from another women does the same thing to them and start to cheat with other women.

It's a nice LOOP OF RELATIONSHIP you have drown, but... do you TRULY believe in what you are just expecting? I suppose, women CAN NOT be so wasteful in their relationships. Women also have instincts, and women basic instincts ARE about KIDS. Women couldn't be involved in such loops because of instincts. That's a thing about all women I believe and possibly know and I dearly like to ask all women around the world...

I actually don't believe it could be a FACT, it's just kind of local chain of your relationship you're having... All of my girlfriends could just say the opposite - they must FIGHT for their men so other women don't take them out of their lives

Now I will say that the Latvian women (Latvian and Russian) are loyal and they just want to have a family with a man that will stand with them and just live there lives. They want to see a man that will be by them all the time and not get drunk all the time and spend time with there women and kids.

Here you have almost kind of true... why almost?.. That's you'd need to force by yourself

Latvian women are beautiful but if you look deeper into their hearts, you will find everything that you are looking for in a wife.

Here, I'd appreciate your message for 101%

NOT ALL MEN are just there for that reason that you pointed out. Yes you have your jerks that are there for one thing but you will find that in any country.

Definitely. I agree. We're here on these forums exactly to correct the common opinion. Thanks a lot for making this bold.

Any women that would consider dating a foreigner white or black are considered dirty or she was a prostitute and she met a man that she liked. That is the mindset in Latvia when it comes with the older generation.

Again, it's the opposite to your thoughts... You couldn't take care about the older generation and their thinking, because you are now and carrying on of youngest generation, as supposed. So why would you take care of what the older generation would think of?.. They should not take care of you or your wife, or your kids... they have given you a LIFE, you should continue it, and you continue it... that's all they should know about - isn't that enough?.. And, if some women "are considered dirty or she was a prostitute and she met a man that she liked" - wouldn't you think they are different things? ..

And if you go to the smaller towns which I consider just larger villiages like Liepaja.

Liepaja is a village from your end? Nice.

now they have a understanding that we are together and they stopped all that stupid talk

I could be jealous to you after that message. Because I'm not that men. But... how could you actually know who's jealous and who's not?

the town found out that we are getting married soon and then they started to ease up on the stupidity

I suppose, you're kidding now. How would the whole TOWN would know You are getting married?
Are YOU both coming from the Yellow Press Stars now?

Just remember going to the smaller towns, you get smaller minds.

IMO Not at all Going to the smaller towns, you get bigger ambitions and even bigger minds

Riga is not to far from being small minded but they see more foreigners there so they have a better tolerance of what they see and just continue on there way, you will have some that will say something, but the best thing to do is to just stand your ground.

Is Riga small minded??? Come on

Riga is all through MAFIA in all meanings.
And Mafia, will be always Tolerant to show your own place. Either You agree with It or not - it doesn't depend on how You'd perceive Mafia; it's more up how you perceive your own place...

We spend most of our time with her daughter and son in Jurmala...

OMG ...daughter and son??? No more comments

But what I have said about the men in Latvia is absolutely true.

I'm personally, truly desperate on your opinion here.
But I couldn't consider it as TRUE because it it not TRUE, I hope you've got what I'm about

THANK YOU for sharing such a big and advanced message!
#100 | Posted: 6 Mar 2015 20:34
not black men in almost any Eastern European countries, not really a good destination for emigrating, most of those countries are populated by their own people and neighbors countries.
i do not mean they are /or/will be racist, but if you travel to brazil.colombia, cuba, puerto rico, we give a damn about your color, coz we have every c0lour you can even imagine and all from the same country) beautiful

I have been to Poland, czeck republic, and slovakia, i see the way girls look at me and even come to speak to me, am latino, mixed of race.
ra 5066 
#101 | Posted: 8 Mar 2015 09:14
Hi I me interested in lativen girls.
#102 | Posted: 8 Mar 2015 14:04
I am waiting for good girl and any girl ..
#103 | Posted: 12 Mar 2015 03:43
Just like you said, a opinion from ones own experience. Those are my experiences and what I have been told by many that live in latvia. You may disgree but hat is fine with me. But having been to Riga and Liepaja many many times, our experiences are often different because I am a foreigner and of course your experiences might be different because it may be your country. But either way, having been a foreigner in Latvia, I have seen the worse and the best from my experiences and time in the country.
Male Forums Member 
#104 | Posted: 23 Mar 2015 21:18
I heard latvian girls are passionate, fun loving and very intelligent.
#105 | Posted: 28 Mar 2015 22:05
Hi , Im polish fella and I meet my girlfriend here in Ireland, lads please trust me you cannot find better girls than latvian girl,
My love is perfect looking girl , she is kind like nobady else , she has class and lovely style, she never lied me and never played a games, I cannot even imagine my world without her ,
She told me she was cheated by ex bf and her world collapsed, it took me a while to bring the smile on her pretty face by Ive done it and she really appreciated it
She is trusting me and I dont wants even look at the other girls,
But to the point , Lads if you ll ever meet latvin girl dont let go her and youll never be disapointed, but one condition do not cheat her
Funny thing is that she never asked me what is my nationality ,
So sorry for mistakes
#106 | Posted: 28 Mar 2015 22:22
Hi bro, what's up?. Just wants to say that there is two of us most happiest man's . My love is latvian girl as well ,and agree with You 100% . I'm from Poland originaly and ive meet my gf here in Ireland and I'm like OMG she is the most wonderfull person on the planet Before I meet her Ive was like happy single dating with many girls and one day she sent me HEY on the one of social app and she just turned my world upside down since, and I love it and I cannot even imagine my world without her
Male Forums Member 
#107 | Posted: 3 Jun 2015 00:53
Just talk to them it will get obvious if they like you
Male Forums Member 
#108 | Posted: 3 Jun 2015 12:36
Yes, you are right
#109 | Posted: 15 Jun 2015 12:37
By Chance I was visiting this website and saw your brilliant comment. I really admire your non-racist point of view. Let me tell you something, you may be right, and i can't deny many Arab men may be so stupid... so are Latvians... French... Chinese, or any nationality !
but generalizing the idea to even other races and describing them "They are all dirty" What do you have there in your head ? How can you describe people in such an indignant disrespectful way ?

Now, as you said you had negative experiences with Arab men, well here is just a tip, didn't you think that your personality imposed on them this reaction? With what you say, how you act and your body language ?
Let me tell you when a man (even the most uneducated) from any race, meets a good woman, she imposes on him Respect.... ah by the way do you know the meaning of this word ? Google it if you know Google

To cut it short, you need to earn more manners, a good heart ... i do not know how to describe it to you. It seems you have no idea. A human being is a human being, don't judge people by their colour, race or religion (even in case of dominant negative attitude in a certain race) because there might be few among this race ho re good, respectful and kind, if you know the meaning of these words.

And by the way I am a Christian Egyptian (Copt), because i know with your limited mind you will think i am a muslim Arab who got so offended and just trying to be defensive.

Ah ! another final note: your English sucks, so it would be more logical if you take some course before criticizing others spelling or grammar.
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#110 | Posted: 15 Jun 2015 14:58
but generalizing the idea to even other races and describing them "They are all dirty" What do you have there in your head ? How can you describe people in such an indignant disrespectful way ?

Could you please use an exact quote of mine and point me to the exact message number where I did write similar words? I couldn't locate them on my own.

It would be nice if we start up the conversation from my exact quotes, not how you interpret them - you may interpret them from your personal point of view and this is what I did not mean. So please provide at least message numbers and quote exactly what you are replying to.

I would not trust Google or Internet when it comes to a personal relationship.

I'm wondering as well where did you read I was having a negative experience with Arab men. Where did you read this? Are we speaking truly about the same forum?

I never had a negative experience with them. More so, I would say some of Arabian people are my best friends - because we trust each other a lot, trust does matter a lot when we speak 'bout relationship with people from this region.

don't judge people by their colour, race or religion

For all time I was thinking I'm writing my messages, trying to avoid hate between different people on this forum. I'm still wondering from what you concluded I'm judging people by their race or religion? It's something which is obviously living in your only brains. I never wrote something like this here.

your English sucks, so it would be more logical if you take some course before criticizing others spelling or grammar

Don't you think your English is perfect?

Try to learn good manners when appealing to a woman, boy.
#111 | Posted: 8 Aug 2015 03:34
Ladies of Riga: I'm a frequent traveller and visitor to your beautiful city. Your companionship for excursions and dinners would be much appreciated. Thank you! Lars
#112 | Posted: 16 Aug 2015 18:45
I'd bring out that any guy wants intercourse. So it's easier to wait till girl shows interest. Goal every night.
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