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Girls opinions on foreign males

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#57 | Posted: 29 Oct 2017 00:01
It doesn't matter what country you hail from, a man is judged by the charector of his heart. If a women only talks to you or wants you because she thinks your a way out or a pocket book, she will never love you, end of story.

So no matter what nationality you are, it sounds like from what ive read Latvian women may be fed up with being pursued or objectified as a whole. If your hell bent on getting a women from latvia do it, but if you can't manage to find one in your own country what makes you think that it will be so easy to get one in Latvia? Sounds like your approach is to lead with your wallet first, which will only get you superficial women. Don't be what everyone else thinks is a good man, be who you think is a good man and if you somehow find your way to Riga, I'm sure a women will see you for who you are and maybe you will find what your looking for. Good luck
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