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Džeina Tamuļeviča (Jane Tamulevich): an object of scandals around Latvian politicians

Male Contributor 
#1 | Posted: 26 Sep 2014 23:15 | Edited by: lucias
Elections to Latvian parliament (so called "Saeima") are coming closely. They are going to happen at October, 4th, 2014. Like usually, there are abnormally lots of pretenders fighting their warm places in the government industry. If you count on approx. 2 mln. of people living in Latvia now, then also count on at least 500 pretenders to Saeima. It means, at least 1 deputy for around 3,300 of citizens. Not that bad.

Each year the story of elections brings up something new, which may be a the Skeleton in the Cupboard for many years, but came up specially prior to fireworks. These days, the story of Džeina Tamuļeviča (Jane Tamulevich) impressed the Latvian audience a lot.

Jane now performs all the "right hand" jobs of the press secretary of the current Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma. Jane has received a master's degree in communication science of Latvian University, and has worked in journalism for ten years, most of them in the newspaper "Diena" (one of the most "national" newspapers in Latvia). Last year, she joined the European Commission Representation in Latvian press department.

If you look at the pictures below, you would find Jane as a very nice and appealing and in some way attracting girl... but the story continues below.

Male Contributor 
#2 | Posted: 26 Sep 2014 23:52 | Edited by: lucias
At September 25th, someone posted provocative videos on YouTube, which were "advertising" the current leading political power in Latvian, the group of politicians named "Vienotība" ("The Unity"). These videos start with this year's motto of "Vienotība", which is widely spread on TV and visual ads in cities, and it says:

The history of Latvia teaches us that we must combine possibilities with wishes. But without ambitions, there could be no person standing up. We should not deny our goals, but achieve them in a clever way.

Further, the clips continue using noisy Beethoven's classics as a soundtrack and proposing that "Vienotība" will be extreme in selection of their candidates to highest places in government, and they'll be going through the very tough steps to their political careers. The parody then suggests to watch "one of the candidates", which is... respectively, Džeina Tamuļeviča.

Here are the direct links to YouTube videos (the first 3 series... not sure if there are more to come):

Episode #1
Episode #2
Episode #3
Episode #4

Even if you don't understand Latvian... you have time to seek forward the clip and see Jane appearing in the very middle of it. Each of the clip proposes Jane as the person "clarifying Strauyuma's thoughts even if they are not even present" and supposing "there's a right time for Jane to make another big step in her career".

The most interesting parts are "inserted" right after that. Jane Tamulevich appears in the casting mode for Pierre Woodman, the French operator and photographer specializing in adult videos. Specifically, Jane appearing in his Woodman Casting X series, and the video is coming from 1999, when Jane was about 18 years old. She has been named as "JAHNA" on Woodman's website, also as the "Russian" girl, interviewed in Moscow. Now "her" page appears to be removed from the public access; it has been removed shortly after the scandal around Jane came up.

Jane appears quite recognizable on pictures because of her solid forms, specially teeth forms, so some sayings like "this girl just looks similar and it's not her" would not work here.

Specially because, after these videos has been posted to the Web, Jane was THE ONLY ONE person from the officials giving her comment to the Latvian Mixnews portal, shortly commenting this as:

Jane Tamulevich on Mixnews:
I'm not being elected, and I'm not the member of any political formation. So I don't understand the sense of this video.

Well, by this Jane just confirmed there is she interviewed by Pierre... Not quite young, but still not enough educated Latvian girl.
Male Contributor 
#3 | Posted: 27 Sep 2014 00:23 | Edited by: lucias
What does Jane say to Mr.Woodman's questions?.. They are named as an "exam" in the "parody" videos.

Episode #1.

It's obviously heard Latvian and Russian are not her native languages, and she uses a Russian-to-French translator to communicate. The story appears to be taken in Moscow, despite the whole apartment looks like it was filmed in the famous luxury rooms of the hotel "Latvia".

It's obvious Jane doesn't know English or Russian perfectly from this interview. She just could inform, that she's studying at the University for Journalism, and further she could not explain precisely in any language what Woodman does. Woodman and his translator suggest to study some magazine laying near her. "I was supposing exactly THAT", Jane confirms.

"Jane doesn't know English. So we couldn't offer her a Minister of Education position", speaks the "parody" video then. "It's better if we offer her a Minister of Sports position! To be continued..." The clip finishes with the official ad of "The Unity", claiming "On the October 4th, vote for the Number 4 on elections". And all the members of it.

Episode #2.

Q: Would you like to try something from what you see in this magazine?
J: Yes...
Q: Do you like sex?
J: Yes...
Q: In this magazine, do you see such things you never did?
J: I never did something like this.
Q: Are you familiar with blowjob?
J: Yes, I am.
Q: Did you have sex with two men at once?
J: Yes, I liked it.
Q: Did you enjoyed anal and vaginal sex at once?..
J: No... I'm a bit afraid of it.

"Jane is afraid, so she's not ready for our Minister of Sports position", proposes the clip. "However we will suggest her the Minister of Family Affairs position! To be continued! She may knew from that A LOT!"

Episode #3.

Q: Did you taste sperm?
J: Yes.
Q: Do you like it?
J: Not sure. It's a bizarre feeling.
Q: Have you some phantasies?..
J: Possibly, not.
Q: Did you try sex with women?
J: Yes.
Q: Do you like it?
J: Yes.
Q: Did you try bondage?
J: No... and didn't ever thought of it.
Q: Do you like romantic or brutal men?..
J: Depends on the mood... I've spend this summer with a rocker, so...

"Jane was with a rocker, so she's not ready to take the Minister of Family Affairs position", claims the clip. "However we will provide her some another position! For our people, we always provide something..."
Male Contributor 
#4 | Posted: 27 Sep 2014 01:11 | Edited by: lucias
I'm not sure if more videos will follow, because the next part of the interview leads to more intimate things. I have the full video purchased for 1 EUR, so I'll try to balance between the copyrights and Mr.Woodman profits to the overall view of things.

Obviously, in the next part Jane is appearing more and more nervous. She's extensively flipping the magazine's pages, skipping the eyes contact, and her face indicates she would escape this "casting" as soon as possible, just after giving what the initiator wants. But the interview follows:

Q: Did you experienced situations, when men asked from you doing of what you don't really want?
J: Yes... but it was enough from me saying "no" and that's all.
Q: WHAT did they asked actually for?..
J: Anal sex. I denied it.
Q: Did you try men's pissing on you?
J: No. But possibly, I'd try it...
Q: Do you agree to show us your body?
J: Ok (starting to dress of).
Q: How many men in your life could you count upon this day?
J: [the answer is not recognized... possibly hundred]
Q: How old were you when starting this?
J: 14... may be 15.
Q: What do you like in sex?
J: Hmm... I'm not truly sure... [stops for a while]
Q: Continue to undress while answering.
J: I like when it happens naturally, in some romantic way, and I dislike when men are asking for something I don't truly want.
Q: Could you take off your pants?..
J: ... [yes]
Q: Could you turn around... then hold on your knees, like cats, on the sofa, showing your ass.
W: And look and me, turn your face to me, smile please... thank you very much! (Pierre speaks clear Russian in this part!).
Continue to undress while answering...
Continue to undress while answering...
Could you take off your pants?..
Could you take off your pants?..
And hold on your knees...
And hold on your knees... cats, on the sofa... cats, on the sofa...
Male Contributor 
#5 | Posted: 27 Sep 2014 01:24 | Edited by: lucias
What could I say?

As in general, Latvian politics is a dirty washing machine. On our forums, we already have the post related to the Latvian's presidency secretary, Elīna Egle. Elina has been caught at her working career, and Jane has been caught at the time when she was not even supposing to be the press secretary of the Prime Minister.

If we took closer, the Prime Minister, i.e. Laimdota Straujuma, has been elected for a "temporary position", after the previous Prime Minister, Valdis Dombrovskis, has been fired by the President, MOSTLY because of the Zolitude shopping centre roof collapse in Riga in 2013. Surprisingly, later Dombrovskis... has been elected to European Parliament!

If I take a look over the Latvian politics in the recent years, I'm not sure what's going on.

But the Jane's story looks like a "hidden" advertisement of "The Unity"/"Vienotiba" formation.

First, it uses the same advertisement parts which are used "officially" on the TV and Internet.

Second, it mostly advertises Jane herself and Woodman Casting. If I take a closer look, there is nothing significant in Jane's sayings, moreso - she appears quite a healthy and normal girl, with just bigger earrings than usual. I would be disgusted if Jane would accept anal sex, bondage, stupid men's coveting - but all in all, she is just a pretty girl having quite normal desires in life. If we speak about she was starting her sexual life while being 14-15 years old, then it looks quite normal in nowadays practice, when teenagers may start it even while being much younger.

Additionally to that, Pierre Woodman confirmed few years ago that she never did porn in his movies - below is the screenshot. So this was just an attempt of being young - if we disgust all attempts like these, then let's the switch the politics off.
She Never Did Porn!!! (c) P. Woodman, 2010
She Never Did Porn!!! (c) P. Woodman, 2010
Male Contributor 
#6 | Posted: 27 Sep 2014 02:00 | Edited by: lucias
So, despite this "scandal" has been build as the opposition to the current leading political power of Latvia, I must say, the authors/initiators of it are stupid. They did the most successful advertisement in "The Unity" history! I'm mostly sure, the formation which belongs to the most corruption scandals in Latvia's political history, will win these elections... yet again.

Here are some original links from Latvian media I have used while working out this topic (they are mostly posted in Latvian or Russian; I will give some comments in English below):

The article at - the press volcano started from there, the opportunists Latvian media source leaded by Lato Lapsa. The article claims Straujuma's cabinet is involved in porno business; but it doesn't mention there is actually NO PORN involved in this story.

Mixnews story #1 - the first article about Jane casting on Woodman show, and they were the only ones getting the official comments from Jane. None of other "The Unity" participants agreed to comment this story, naming it either "stupid" or "dirty".

Mixnews story #2 - the story continued with the comments of the blogger Philipp Raevsky; also included the references to all 3 videos posted on YouTube. article - here's nothing new after all the aforementioned; except some shaded screenshots from the official Woodman Casting X website. - the article claiming Jane "was filming at Woodman's stage" - at the time Woodman's video only means this girls did not pass the casting at all. Woodman didn't accept her for his videos!

Delfi - the article from the leading news portal in Latvia. Nothing special, except the Jane's photo from LETA, also used in this blog. The most popular portal was the latest about spreading this information.

- - - - -

All in all, I must say... this story may excite someone, but it's from the arsenal of the stories having their hidden background...

Everyone lies here.
#7 | Posted: 2 Oct 2014 21:19
She never did porn. What there is on pictures, is not porn.
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