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Vegetarian food and restaurants in Latvia

Male Forums Member 
#1 | Posted: 22 May 2012 13:48

Are there any vegetarian restaurants in Latvia? is bio food available in latvian supermarkets?

Best regards,
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#2 | Posted: 24 May 2012 11:42
I'm not sure about famous vegetarian restaurants (which would, I mean, be purely 'vegetarian'), but in the Lido restaurants, I guess, you can have completely vegetarian dinner, combined from salads, spaghetti, potatoes and so on. As in any other national cuisine restaurant, too.

Bio food is quite rare happening in our markets by now. First of all, nobody really knows what is about, as people are not opposed to trust anybody a lot of now. So that's not the good marketing strategy to make some food "good" and some food "bad" because it's not bio. However I've seen some times, that we have kind if bio-food present, but I think there are no specific markets on that topic. You can find just a few of rare examples of such food in regular markets.
Male Forums Member 
#3 | Posted: 28 Dec 2013 02:00
Maybe in the bigger supermarkets you could find some meat-replacements. Outside of Riga that will get more difficult ...

It would be interesting to learn about this for me too.
(as far as I know, Latvians are more into eating meat)
#4 | Posted: 3 Jan 2014 18:40
I have seen lots of BIO and ECO food in Latvian shops.

Here's the quick list of vegetarian possibilities (not all restaurants are purely vegan but you can find lots of vegan dishes in there):

== In Riga ==


Audēju 1 – Olē! (underground floor)

Audēju 16, t/c “Galerija Centrs” 1st floor – dA-Da

Grēcinieku 5 – Kuuka kafe

Jauniela 25/27 – Neiburgs

Miesnieku 8 – RigaFish

Rozena 1 – Rozengrāls

Skārņu 7 – Lotoss

Skārņu 7 – Indian Raja

Smilšu 6 – El Primero – dishes from Spain

Outside of the Vecrīga:

Barona 40 – Salātbārs

Barona 56 – Rāma – Indian Vegan Restaurant (very cheap, because it relates to the Krishna society; my favorite one)

Brīvības gatve 372, s/c "Alfa" 1st floor AND Krasta iela 46, s/c "Mols" 2nd floor – Thali

Čaka 47 – Raw Gourmet Rīga

Čaka 79/1 – Džagannat

Dzirnavu 59, Maskavas 256a – Tex Mex – Mexican dishes

Dzirnavu 60 – Wok Cafe

Elizabetes 9 – Mazā Luna

Elizabetes 19 – Vincents – a special vegan menu could be asked

Ģertrūdes 5 – Campa – Tibet dishes

Ģertrūdes 6 - Stockpot

Ģertrūdes 9 – Muffins & More – vegan muffins are there

Ģertrūdes 36 – Lila

Ieriķu 3, s/c “Domina” – Vairāk Saules

Katrīnas 12 – AndaVella

Krasta 46, s/c Mols, FAZER

Krasta 76 – LIDO

Lāčplēša 10 – Miit Tiim – bycicle-cafee and vegan dishes

Lielirbes 29, s/c Spice – dA-Da, LIDO, Gan Bei, Vairāk Saules.

Matīsa 8 (in the yard) – EcoCatering "Telpa"

Miera 10 – Taka

Mūkusalas 27 – Bangkok

Nometņu 7 – Fazenda

Skolas 12 – Raw Garden

Skolas 28 – Ekovirtuve (Eko Kitchen)

Strēlnieku 11 – Piranija

Tērbatas 65 – Da Sergio

Turaidas 2 – Haldi

s/c Rīga Plaza – Garuda

s/c Alfa, s/c "Sky&More" (Duntes 19a), s/c "Domina" (Ieriķu 3)– Gan Bei

Čili pica – pizzerias in Riga

== Outside of Riga ==

Baloži Ķekavas nov., Lakstīgalu 3 – Piranija pizzeria

Bauska, Pionieru 2 [Rimi] – SUSHI SHOP

Jūrmala, Jomas 72 – Gan Bei

Liepāja, Fr. Brīvzemnieka 53 – Pastnieka māja

Ogre, Brīvības 32 – Sinjorita Kukū

Salaspils, Ventspils, Jūrmala, Liepāja – Tex Mex

Sigulda, Kr.Valdemāra 1A – Re:Restaurant

Also, all Statoil tanks have vegan burgers and soups.

Something could be found in HESBURGER as well.

Male Forums Member 
#5 | Posted: 3 Jan 2014 20:30
Paldies! I'll check everything on the list next time I get to Riga or one of the other places.
akeroya1974 Profile Pictures: 1
Male Forums Member 
#6 | Posted: 18 Jan 2014 14:47
Do anyone now some great resuarants in riga?
#7 | Posted: 19 Jan 2014 14:02
Pal, open your eyes. The full list is above you. These are not just for vegans.
Male Contributor 
#8 | Posted: 20 Feb 2014 17:20
For those wanting to enjoy cereal and so very vegetarian "kashas", Riga now has an exotic place for this, called Kasha Gourmet and located in Riga at Stabu, 41. Kashas of buckwheat, rise, pearl barley, couscous, and so on... quite enjoyable place, and specially to mention is that a chief-cooker, Denis Ivankov, experienced in Manchester. It's not quite vegan-only restaurant as the other kind of meals also are presented, incl. menus for kids. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

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