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First Dacha club in Riga

#1 | Posted: 6 Jun 2014 01:30
Question: is it worth visiting? We're coming from Sweden and would like to experience this club at first this weekend.Not sure, if it's safe? Cool music, girls?.. Please advice!
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#2 | Posted: 6 Jun 2014 18:00
As I remember, this club has been opened time ago, but watching their "photo releases" from parties time to time, I must consider their contingent changed for years. In the beginning, they promoted themselves as "the club for smart people", meaning only glamorous boys and girls may enter it. For some time it has a reserve for girls which just ended the middle school. Now when both groups of people are missing, they promote themselves as the minorities club. I.e. you could meet with gays and lesbians there with no problem; and if we speak about more regular sex orientations, you could meet lots of freaks there.

Nice picture. Just a look in to the early morning of the club:

1. A fully drunk or drugged milf, she's even not trying to hide their dull face to be pictured

2. Another kicked-off aged woman, which still shies to show her dull face in full

3. A destroyed machinery - quite a regular view in Latvia for the recent 25 years. No machinery, no fabrics, no other kind of production - just music and dance. First Dacha resides on the "zone continent" of such buildings - ghosts place in the edge of the center of Riga.

4. A man or boy who pisses off the old house.

5. A man who obviously runs its bicycle for early morning fishing, considering his dress. Well, this place is located near the Daugava river.

6. A group of bold security officers, tasting some smoke after the hard day.

7. First Dacha - SEASON 7. Twin Peaks. You need to find the corpse to make it more detective.

A new surrealism of its kind...
First Dacha Surrealism
First Dacha Surrealism
#3 | Posted: 20 Jun 2014 18:26
bunnies stuff. I must be there next time
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