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My first time in Latvia, impressions from an American

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Male Forums Member 
#57 | Posted: 26 Oct 2012 02:02
ja ja i agree to you as well ..
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#58 | Posted: 31 Oct 2012 23:08 | Edited by: yuta
I would say, earn more than regular people do is not an expectation!
Its a frustration!
#59 | Posted: 6 Apr 2013 09:49
heh, I've been in CA SFO, for about 9 months, being proud Latvian, providing Americans with transatlantic flights world wide, and knowing that they love that I'm not American and trust Me more, feels kinda rewarding. Even yestarday there was a Man who works for government, said he never met such a good and professional travel agent as I am, that felt really good to be honest.
By the way, if in the need for a travel to latvia, let me know, I can give You my number and You'll get the best out of it.
I likea USA though, I must admit some people are, I'm sorry, really stupid, few days ago I've been asked if Latvia has sunsets..
Anyway was a great read,
tak care.
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Male Girls Lover 
#60 | Posted: 7 Apr 2013 16:02
providing Americans with transatlantic flights world wide

Curious to know what this job exactly means?..

Seeing your grammar mistakes, not sure how "professional" such agent could be ;)
#61 | Posted: 8 Apr 2013 09:14
Well it is not my native. And I've been here only for nine months, as stated before.
They need to fly, and I help the to get a flight to wherever they want to go.
Get a good price and a flight they require, desired stopovers, layovers, airlines.
Basically they don't need to do anything, I do everything for them.
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#62 | Posted: 16 Apr 2013 19:22 | Edited by: yuta
Basically they don't need to do anything, I do everything for them.

Glad to know you can work in the area which is taken by computers and automated websites years ago. Most hopefully, your customers just do not know about these websites... and you could make some business with uneducated people, sharing your knowledge That's cool!
#63 | Posted: 3 Jul 2013 03:10
F**K you yuta Latvia is not a losers country you are just saying that because u dont like it there i like it there the whole time i was there 11 years no Poor person has come up to me...
ese Profile Pictures: 4
Male Forums Member 
#64 | Posted: 3 Jul 2013 20:12
i would be visiting latvia this month for vacation,anyone willing to take me around,I had that lativains ladies are among the most prettiest women u can find in the world
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#65 | Posted: 4 Jul 2013 18:15
So you will be in Latvia - but how is this related to the topic above?
#66 | Posted: 8 Sep 2013 16:26
I don't think that Latvia is "so poor" country There are a lot of other European countries which are more poor that Latvia is. I think you should read a few Latvian economical news :D
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#67 | Posted: 9 Sep 2013 12:33
There are a lot of other European countries which are more poor that Latvia is.

For example?..
#68 | Posted: 14 Oct 2013 06:58
What is your problem? Latvia is not poor.. I am so sick of reading your uneducated, narrow american opinions. Read a book and stop watching the news and all that bs your government is telling you. Americans are much like Russians, bigger the country bigger the propaganda.

I am a Latvian women, I am not poor, my family and friends are not poor, we are rich in culture (unlike you) and reasonably wealthy, we are part of the EU and NATO, for years now, we are joining the euro zone as well. Our education system is hands down better than yours. In high school we learn the math you learn in college, we speak in two, three, four languages, your language included, how's latvian?

You know what - I am better than this, you are only going to have your narrow, spoon fed point of view for the rest of the world. You probably don't know that you are a laughing matter for the rest of the world with your Wollmart, plastic bags, made in China stuff, fat asses everywhere, vulgar women, war against terrorism (goat farmers) your fuel eating disgusting huge cars in a effort to compensate your non existing intelect.
#69 | Posted: 14 Oct 2013 07:03
I was so angry i didn't check my grammar, well anyway you get my point
Male Admin 
#70 | Posted: 14 Oct 2013 13:41
I was so angry i didn't check my grammar, well anyway you get my point

Nobody could get the point from the Anonymous user without proofs, especially if it's not clear to WHOM you addressed your unspelled sayings.

C'mon, in the most recent year there was a scandal in Latvian education with a modern, CAMBRIDGE-EDUCATED Minister for Education and Science of Latvia Robert Ķīlis, as soon as HE started to rack out this crazy bullshit called "Latvian education", he was getting tons of crazy bullshit on his head, HE WAS FINALLY GETTING TRULY sick, he lost his health, became alcohole-dependant and LEFT his status on his own, because HE CAN'T FIGHT this stoned, dumb, soviet system called "Latvian Education"!!! Which mostly comes for learning Latvian language and overwritten Latvian history, it learns how to be the National patriot, not other sciences!!! Maths, ha-ha! Enter any shop and ask any young Latvian seller to multiple 12 x 8 - she will take the calculator!!!

You are WELL educated, but the only education side if your poor LATVIAN Language; and you know what? This language's version is as young as less than hundred years; I can give ALL proofs on that, don't tell me the Latvian language appeared in XIII century - bullshit! Germans were those pastors giving dirty, stinky "Latvian" slaves of those times the transcription of their mutual speaking; now the national Latvian government turns the history up and down - what a fucking democratic bullshit it is!

The Bolsheviks were those people who give Latvia freedom and independance for the first time, Lenin was the first Russian emperor signing up the INDEPENDANCE for Latvian territory - now what? You kiss the ass of Germans, Lenin's monument was THE FIRST leaving the center of Riga in 1991, but the monuments to German slave holders now are thoroughly put in all corners of Riga - fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Made in China stuff??? Hahaha! Look over Latvia - will you find the dress, footwear, other "plactis things" MADE IN LATVIA? Of course, NO! All Latvian shops are full of the same Chinese goods, root Latvians just HAVE NO IDEAS how to live on their own; whatever they have, is stinky small, local, unknown to the other world - THIS is Latvia!

You are well educated! Ha-ha-ha! Obviously, YOU are NOT living in Latvia, your IP address recorded for your messages, comes from....... United States, Klamath Falls Charter Communications! Is it a proxy? May be - then you hide your identity, anyway, you are afraid of BEING LATVIAN!! Or if you don't, then you are LIVING In US and trying to show the world how CLEVER you are that you have left this piece of hole Latvia, your Vaterland, and swapped it for the Terrorism and Provocation Country in the World #1!!!

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