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My first time in Latvia, impressions from an American

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yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#85 | Posted: 16 Nov 2015 20:30
Soon all latvians ll be married to foreigners lol..

I would disagree to many points you propose above, but about the latest one... this is a sad true - and it doesn't affect only Latvian girls specifically, it affects all Latvian people... Most of my friends had a marriage with foreigners... including Latvian men, too.

kiki90753, I don't know who you are, but your vision of family in some ways is too limited. If you don't like cooking and if you'd like to have a massage each day, this only means you need more money for that. Even if some man could do these steps once or a few times, sooner or later he will be tired of all this stuff. You couldn't visit restaurants each day and you couldn't have a massage each day, because if you have kids, THEY will eat your time, not a massage. Woman's fortune in family means something different than you imagine; what do you want instead for yourself, appears not quite a family value.
#86 | Posted: 4 Jan 2016 19:19
Well well well, Does any body know, how to meet girls from Latvia? I need a Latvian girl. Any girl from Latvia contact me. My name is Danny.
Thank you.
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#87 | Posted: 8 Jan 2016 20:43
how to meet girls from Latvia?

I know a secret. Come to Latvia at first, because you could meet the real girl only offline!
#88 | Posted: 18 Mar 2016 20:52
I was in Latvia and I find it different, the people are gross no manners , not cultured at all... When you buy something in the grocery stores, you say "thank you" ...they never reply .....they ask for the money and the change is thrown in a plate and they look and you...meaning to say, take your change and get lost from here.....
#89 | Posted: 18 Mar 2016 21:00
The women in Latvia are gross, they swear a lot , the guys hate to see foreigners with a latvian girl ...Once you speak english in the bus or on the street , you will see the guys will start pushing you or swear at you , just to trigger a fight ..... Some guys will simply give you the look like shit....
It is true some girls are nice to you for your money and because you are from USA, but once you are hesitant to pay for bills in grocery stores or restaurants, or your vacation is over... You will see the real face of the polite Latvian woman, they start swearing and get angry like hell , they change drastically and become gross
#90 | Posted: 17 Jun 2016 09:38
I agree with the fact that Latvian girls are about the best in the world from all respects
A random Latvian Guy 
#91 | Posted: 22 Aug 2016 00:26
Guy from USA
well thats in the bigger "cities" if you go to a place which is more relaxed you will find some people driving old russian cars because of our history. But to be honest its a simple car. Oh and the reason they don't learn Latvian because of a dumb law from 6th to 9th grade learning russian is manditory and after that you can choose to switch over to german.
Male Forums Member 
#92 | Posted: 3 Sep 2016 20:01
Thanks for sharing your experience
wise man 
#93 | Posted: 28 Apr 2017 05:00
first let me say hello to every i just want to share my experience i love to travel and traveled almost whole Europe and central Asia

i have read some previous post related to Latvia, Latvian girls, Americans man and of course Russians

the experience i have is different then other European countries the people are in so unprofessional, do not know how to talk or communicate and not really helpful why i know five figures are not equal but that quotation proved wrong in Latvia.

after coming to Latvia i was curious to visit different museums such as latvain war museum which is near to Riga central but i did not know where actually is and tried to ask from some people who were around me and they refused to help me even they know the English the funny thing happened i saw a police car i went ask and that fucking idiot did not answer to me and i was only 2 min away from the Latvian war museum.

finally i called to my friend and he helped me out and i reached to the museum when i reach to the museum i found a guide who was explaining what happened in the world war 1 and world war 2 criticizing, Russian, Germans and Americans.

after that he started talking about Ukraine conflict with Russia, Belarus, Moldova and many more that economically are not stable and they are still paying a huge price because they did take a stand against Russia and they are suffering we Latvian are so lucky that we did not pay a huge price to get independence from Russia.

when i heard and raised my hand and asked how you can say that you did not pay a huge price one third of population got killed instead of accepting the fact started abusing to Russians. i know if you look at the history Russia role was very negative still
Russian (fucking )attitude is negative towards Latvians.

he was also saying that the Latvia is the fastest growing country in Latvia when i heard really really that means if your economy turn from 0 to 1 that means is fastest growing economy that means you want play binary sytem 01010101010101

instead of giving any valid point he just started talking in his own fucking language and did give me any possible answer

and the funny thing is not body even Europe know where the Latvia is after i went to Spain so i had conversation with some people and they asked me this question where the Latvia is and they are talking about fastest growing economy in Europe

i am not racist i shared what i found in Latvia .
#94 | Posted: 13 May 2017 11:01
wise man
Thanks for sharing! Impressive and sounds to be true!!!
#95 | Posted: 6 Aug 2019 03:29
is Plomb still a part of this site? I am very American even Cherokee blood but he schooled the person who began the non-sense. I would like to discuss views with well informed men from other countries as I almost never came back to America and enjoyed time in Europe, but mother, father, brother, etc... would not have understood.
#96 | Posted: 6 Aug 2019 03:42
Most Americans are as you said, they have no connection to the old blood that stirs in the body, is my only guess is to why. I am an old war veteran of Desert Storm the Fed. Gov. used me then tried to deny me. My time in Europe was so good I would have never came back but had family and they would have not understood!
Male Admin 
#97 | Posted: 15 Aug 2019 16:55 | Edited by: Plomb
Well, I'm still a part of this website if you like it so; but I'm not sure what so impressed you - I wasn't a big part of this discussion at all

I couldn't appear here each day, but feel free to throw me any comments - I'll reply gradually.
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