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Where is the demographic myth come from?

#1 | Posted: 14 Oct 2017 19:19
Many times I read that in Latvia, there is an imbalance between numbers of men and women. There should be a huge male shortage according to many stories.

For example:

That's one of the reasons many Western-European men try their luck in Latvia.

But is it true?

Let's get to the numbers..


20-24: 52732 / 49778
25-29: 70433 / 66722
30-34: 70883 / 67752
35-39: 62589 / 62435
40-44: 65103 / 67002

Only if you are 40+ there are more women than men. But at that age it won't be possible to build a family anymore.

So where comes the myth about male shortage in Latvia come from?
Male Admin 
#2 | Posted: 14 Oct 2017 21:33
Well, you are referring to the BBC tale which is 7 years old, at the time below you're referring to the 2017 stats ;) That's the first mistake - if you refer to some kind of myth, you should take the same periods.

It's very important to understand that Latvia has a few of "demographic holes". The first hole is about 90s of the past century, were not a lot of children were born. The second is about 2000s were the first immigration wave started. So, if you're considering 25-27 yr females as the primary "family target", then right now you're targeting the population of the 1st demographic hole.

You should keep both these "holes" in mind of men/women proportions, as they obviously depend on these years.

Second, I would disagree that

40+ ... at that age it won't be possible to build a family anymore.

I'd say about half of previously married couples build their "next" family at that age. However it depends on what purpose you're following when "building a family". If you're about making common children, you're possibly right (despite even older men than 40+ still may have their "new" children); but if the family is not about just kids, then why not.

many Western-European men try their luck in Latvia

I suppose, most of such men are 35+ too

Anyway... regarding the Population document you have mentioned, we should probably also refer to the only "single" persons. The numbers in this column are different to what you've mentioned:

Males/females (2017):
18-19: 16845 / 15712
20-24: 50408 / 44036
25-29: 54578 / 41405
30-34: 38026 / 27122
35-39: 25346 / 19533
40-44: 21620 / 16649

As you see, the "singles" difference is not that dramatic, it's only bit different for ages 30-34, but that's logical, because in these age many couples become divorced, not just being not-married.

I suppose, these stats are about officially declared Latvian citizens. But let's consider that a lot of potential youth left Latvia about 15 years ago. Officially, they are here, but IRL, they are not. And this doesn't depend on the gender, I suppose, proportionally, males/females still keep the same balance.

Finally, your question may be not about the "quantity" of men in Latvia, but about their "quality". A lot of men become alcoholics from an early age. In Latvia, there are also no big potentially big career opportunities for men as well, no big production companies, nothing technically prepared. But as you know, women always look for better life... that's why they often choose foreigners, because they are more polite, more educated, more career-oriented, and that's why they are rich.
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