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The Steps to Writing a Good Research Paper

#1 | Posted: 11 Jan 2024 19:56
The best thing to do after being assigned a research paper is to start working on it right away. This eliminates chances of writing a substandard paper in a bid to beat the short time that is remaining. Many students are fond of doing this.

Students should seek the help of their teachers in case they haven’t understood the research topic well. Understand the topic should the first thing to do. If the topic is open-ended, then it is advisable to choose a topic that one is conversant with. At the same time, following a set recommendations defined by the previous or current areas of study in the class ensures that one does not fall out of the scope of the topic. Students should make certain that they have met the anticipations of the teacher. This should be the case especially when the teacher has chosen a specific topic of research. Whichever the scenario, following the teacher’s instructions will facilitate the production of a good research paper that meets the goals of a teacher.Graduate Student Thinking

As a student, there are some fundamental questions that should guide you in writing an excellent research paper. They include:

- What kind of paper am I writing i.e. is it’s a report or one that allows me to express my own opinion?

- What are some of the class materials that i can use in writing my research paper?

- What are some of the secondary and primary sources of information that they teacher has advised use of not use?

- What message does the teacher want me to bring out i.e. does the teacher require me to writhe it in a particular manner?

- What length should my paper have i.e. is there a specific number of pages I should write?

- In what format should my paper be written?

- How am I going to do my referencing? Contemplating and answering the above questions correctly should warrant high quality research paper.

As a means of saving time, students should flip through the research materials so as to identify those sections that contain the information he or she is looking at. Immediately after having a glance at these materials, students should be see to it that they have taken exhaustive notes on what they intend to write. Taking photos of specific pages is crucial when a student indents to include a quote in his or her research paper. Another point of consideration by students should be the organization of their work. This can achieve through the use of bibliography cards, topic cards or computers that are able to save a great deal of their time.

Citing within the text is very important in any outstanding academic paper. Students have to ensure that they use the same format throughout the text. Confirming that all sections of the paper have been comprehensively covered is very crucial. Balancing the effort put in all sections is imperative. The paper should have an outline. This helps to save time as well as making the paper to look organized. The first part of the outline is the thesis statement. This is followed by topic sentences for the subsequent paragraphs that make up the body of the research paper. The second last section of the in the outline is the conclusion that sums up what was being discussed.

The bibliography or references should be the last part of a good research paper. It shows the list of works that a student has used inn his research. It should be emphasizes that the bibliography should not be written last. Actually, this is the only section that should be written alongside other sections. This permits the inclusion of all the sources used in the study. References or bibliography should follow the format used in the other parts of the paper. Equally important, students should avoid plagiarism since it is an academic dishonest and many learning institutions do not tolerate it. The final move by students in writing an excellent research paper is for them to find someone who will read though their work to point out those silly mistakes that might deny them an additional mark.


Example Research Papers posted by Students for Peer Review:
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