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The Life of a Freelance Writer

#1 | Posted: 11 Jan 2024 22:13
Being freelance writer and helping students with their college essays is a challenging occupation. One can hardly deny the fact that writing, especially academic research one, requires proficient knowledge of subject, perfect language skills, creativity, and a cast-iron discipline. In fact, this occupation is not an easy bread, but still there are thousands of young and experienced writers who want to progress in this particular area.

One day, I was interested to know what makes a person choose freelance academic writing as a career; I was also curious to discover about the pitfalls of this activity. To cut the long story short, I was lucky to meet with a person who has been working as a freelance academic research writer for nearly a year. She shared some of her ideas with me.Freelance Writer

Hello! I have been thinking about becoming a freelance writer and I believe that this interview will help me to clear up some points.

You are welcome. I totally agree with you that it is important to learn about particular job details before submitting your CV. You can definitely search for some information on the Internet, but you may find such experience very confusing. Most often, opinions differ, and you may consider it really hard to extract some rational argument from the huge flow of information.

How did you start your career? What was the first company you applied?

I started working as an academic writer for nearly a year ago. That was the time when I was searching for a good job that could correspond to my interests and skills. I studied English language in the university and, I must admit, was absolutely in love with it. I could not imagine anything, but teaching the language or writing in it.

Well, but what about your first working experience?

It was a job in the international dating agency, and I did not like it very much. In fact, it was a good start that provided excellent opportunities for practicing language skills, but I did not feel like working there for a long period. So, I decided to quit.

What did you do after you quit the writing agency?

I started browsing web-sites looking for freelance job (I recommend to anyone interested in working as a freelancer). It turned out to be more complicated, than I initially expected. In something like a month, I came across information about Livingston Research Company. I decided to send my CV and look what happens.

What happened? Did you receive any response?

I did receive it in something like two days. The recruiting team requested me to compose a sample essay, and it corresponded to their standards. I also had a call from the company and was explained about job details.

Sounds good, but were you not afraid of being scammed? I believe that Internet space provides enough opportunities for this.

Believe me or not, but I had not any idea about Internet scamming or about companies that exploit other writers’ labor. In fact, I was paid in time. I remember how glad I was to realize that my efforts were rewarded adequately.

What can you say about the experience you received when working with the company?

I like being the member of a strong team of professionals who strain every nerve to produce high-quality work and achieve high results. I expand my knowledge horizons every day and I know that this commitment to excellence makes me a good professional.

What would you recommend to a beginner, like me?

I can advise you to be very careful when choosing the company to apply. I believe that a prior research can prevent you from frustration. It is true that academic research writing is a highly competitive field, but there is always a place for a good professional and a dedicated individual.
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