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The Status of Research in Academic Writing

#1 | Posted: 12 Jan 2024 16:32
The most essential part of academic writing is conducting a research. Research in relation to academic writing is considered as a process of investigating into the sources of the respective topic given and studying the same so that various facts can be established and we can ultimately reach the conclusion. Research is the most difficult part of academic writing where the writer should show utmost care. The new ideas and facts generated by conducting rigorous research into a particular topic are utilized for completing the content efficiently.

The Process of Research

Status of the ResearchAnalyzing a topic is not a child’s play no matter which field it is linked with, be it finance, management, science or literature. A thorough research upon the topic helps us in getting rid of this issue as research helps us widening our knowledge base upon a particular topic that helps us projecting a better discussion on it. A writer obtains numerous new ideas and research helps him in doing so. There are various hidden facts that can only be highlighted with the help of a full-fledged research and to enhance the credibility of the discussion. In this context, a professional writer needs proper tools to calculate the length of his/her research paper in order to provide the best experience to their clients.

With so many privileges extended by researching to a writer it can be regarded as the fore most task that every writer is required to perform before initiating his work. But on the other hand conducting a research takes a lot of effort and patience and it is not that easy to perform. It is the most difficult part of an academic writing process and also the most essential part. Carrying on a research upon a particular topic is like discovering new facts and solving a difficult sum, a writer studies the facts thoroughly and other related matters that will bring out new ideas, that will be beneficial for the writer to project a clear image regarding the topic he is researching upon. Conducting a research is a lengthy process; it takes a lot of time, patience and dedication to conduct a research properly. It does not end with discovering the facts and generating the required knowledge, a proper presentation of the facts obtain by conducting the research is also included in its ambit.

Research is an integral part of the writing process it continues with the writing. Throughout the writing a writer continues his research. it is an art and a writer should be quite accustomed with it, it is not easy to start a research, a person conducting a research will be quite aware about it, it is a very difficult tusk because it requires an in depth knowledge to carry out a research and a person doing it should know how to start it, how to run it and of course the most important, how to end and present it. A writer may face a problem regarding conducting a research as it is a difficult job to arrange the requirements of a research work, so from that point of view conducting a research can be regarded as a challenge for a writer to overcome.

Research in academic writing contributes a lot in the content developed by an academic writer; the point which is more important is developing a habit of carrying on a research properly. Research is the main part for developing a content. Along with writing skills a writer needs to require proper knowledge and efficiency to conduct a research upon a topic on which he is going to present a discussion. He is required to be very careful and serious regarding the way to continue a research. So to conclude it can be considered that research is the most technical and difficult part of a writing process and it should be dealt with due care and dedication.


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