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My first time in Riga & I like to meet locals with respect

Male Forums Member 
#1 | Posted: 17 Jan 2012 00:06
Looking at the forum, it seems there's a lot of needy insecure guys coming to Riga.

I am not saying I am the epitome of manhood but I will try my best to pursue life with dignity and respect. Yes i heard Riga is famous for party and I like to party too.

I do not like drinking or smoking and get fat. So I have few questions:

1) What do you guys suggest about Club Essential. Is it a good place to dance and meet locals.

2) What do you think of the beach JURMALA? Is it good to this time of the year?

3) Can you suggest anything else like some cool Cafe or some historic monuments etc.?

4) Where do mature girls hang out? I am talking about the girls in the age range 25+. Because i do not think i will have any interesting talk with 20 year old with their Riahanna music. Yack!

5) Also Club Essential, do they play house music? I can not stand rap, hip hop or heavy metal. Everyone to their own and it's important what you like in your life.

That's all.
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Male Girls Lover 
#2 | Posted: 17 Jan 2012 10:21
1., 5. Essential is nice, but it's full of foreigners and consuming young girls. Still, if you would like just to get around and be in a good mood, it's a very cozy place. Yes, it's about mostly house and club music. But it has different halls. One of them may be dedicated to R'n'b if I remember correctly.

2. In my opinion, beach is always nice. But in Latvia, when there is storming or is no sun, like now in January, it may appear uncomfortable to walk along the seaside. Jurmala is great in Summer when you can meet lots of girls there, specially on bikini contests Also if there is a lot of snow around, it's a very nice place to relax and breathe a fresh air. Jurmala with snow looks astonishing!

3. A place to eat the traditional Latvian meals. Visit Lido for that.

4. Hah! I would be for that place, too, but unfortunately, I don't know. May be someone else could recommend something...
Male Forums Member 
#3 | Posted: 17 Jan 2012 20:58
Many thanks bro. I appreciate your feedback. I will try Lido for sure. What about Sweetday Café? Anyone visited that place? Also please can you send me more info on Jurmala beach? Which station to get down and best cafe in Jurmala etc.? Also can you surf in Jurmala? Many thanks
Male Admin 
#4 | Posted: 18 Jan 2012 14:45
What about Sweetday Café?

Heh, I've checked their website, and it appears still under heavy construction If you are about the cafe on Tirgoņu Str. 9 in the Old Riga, it appears something pretty new. But it's probably just a cafe. Not a club. If I'll be in the center these days, I'll try to watch what's there and let you know.

Jurmala beach. You need to step out on the Majori station. Majori is the most "elite" town in Jurmala, and btw Jurmala is just a name for the seaside part district, it's not the city. In Majori you'll find quite a lot of places to eat/drink/relax/dance. The town has just one primary street, you can not miss it. Be prepared to high prices, I think, specially in winter time they will be 2x high as in summer.

I'm afraid you can't surf in Jurmala. Jurmala means not the seaside actually. Seaside are Latvian cities like Ventspils or Liepaja. BTW if you have a chance to visit Ventspils, it may impress you much more than Jurmala or Riga. It's truly cozy European town. Jurmala is quite dirty and mostly "not updated" since USSR times. And it's Riga gulf, the part of the Baltic sea, not the sea itself. The gulf is usually calm and without surfing waves.

Good luck
Male Forums Member 
#5 | Posted: 18 Jan 2012 23:06
Many thanks Plomb. If any of you guys are around, would love to meet up. I am bit unimpressed that i will be lost in one of those scumbags that come to Riga to leave trashes behind.

I have a friend that I met in Copenhagen. She is Latvian. A really beautiful and really honest girl. I met her in a cafe while she was working. That was the last day of my work in Copenhagen. I saw her so many times in my 4 month stay in Copenhagen but never had guts to ask her out! Anyway such is life!

She told me that locals would see if in a bad way as I am a foreigner. But I will go and find out the truth on my own. so far I am impressed with so many honest, graceful local people in this forum. Kind Regards
Male Forums Member 
#6 | Posted: 22 Jan 2012 19:34
Update on Riga visit:
It was great but short-lived.
Cruise from Stockholm to Riga was relaxing, lot of dancing and good show in the ship.
The downside of the trip is i got pick-pocketed in the ship and i was not even drunk. Or probably my iPhone fell down when I was dancing. In either case my phone was stolen. Also there were few Black Americans on the ship and one of them shouted "Yo" at me hoping to have a conversation! Latvia should make new rules for visiting Americans and British people as clearly these people are no better than evil monkeys and look the same too.

The Albert hotel was great and I really liked the cozy bar at the top with the great view and the theme of the hotel. In my room it was written : "I do not think of the future, it comes soon enough --Albert Einstein"

I saw Lido but didn't visit this time. Also saw Sweetday cafe but i am saving it for next trip. Beautiful buildings and amazing happy people. I really liked the energy of Riga.

I had my lunch at Burga and really great food although i could not finish.

I heard few things about clubs although this time i didn't go anywhere and just sat in my hotel room and brooded about life. I know it's boring but I danced too much in the cruise ship & my legs were hurting & going out alone always gets me little off.

a) Club Essential is full of young girls who like to drink & party. So if you are looking for some quality scene; you won't get there & probably lots of Americans, Brits, Italians & South Americans are there too as they tend to get active in darkness & with half-drunk young women trying to get lucky.

b) Studio 69 is full of bling-bling Russian girls and therefore not my scene. I do not get excited looking at fake boobs and insecure people. It just turns me off, And probably lots of Hip Hop or RnB which also not my type of music.

c) Probably my place would be PUSH club as i heard from few local people about music and type of girls and the scene. So I would try PUSH club next time.

I had my breakfast at Manhattan and it was great but little pricey. But great service and great people; love Latvian people. They are very similar to Hungarians when I visited Budapest; good looking, graceful and great sense of style.

p.s. I do not like the name of this website as it covers more than just girls ...It should be about or something
Male Forums Member 
#7 | Posted: 23 Jan 2012 03:19
I appreciate some things get lost in translation and you're not posting in your native language, but your quote of "evil monkeys" comes across as openly racist. And why distinguish between "black" Americans and "white" Americans. Next time you're in your hotel brooding about life you may want to take a good long look at yourself.
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Female Lady Blady 
#8 | Posted: 23 Jan 2012 12:39
but your quote of "evil monkeys" comes across as openly racist

Common man. Stop being a weak mouse. The guy above didn't call anybody clearly a racist. YOU called this racism, and YOU've got excited because of your own thinking model.

"Evil monkey" is a metaphor. In literature or music, nowadays there are hidden thousands of metaphors. So what? Now you will claim classics like Dickens or Thackeray?

I think lots of people, specially black people, are really upset with racism or nationalism ideas, at the time they should think about human population on the planet, in general. An finally, they should stop stealing. If black men will steal from white men by intention, there will be ALWAYS RACISM.

Thanks for sharing your impressions! Be careful next time with your phone. It's not a miracle foreigners are being ripped off anywhere and anytime. It's not a secret. You must know about it.

Yes, Push club may appear for you, as it provides lots of high quality fun We also have some archived pictures from it on our forum. For more, you can visit their website.

All in all I'm happy that you liked Riga! Most probably if you would be here in Summer, you'd get even more impressions Thank you for your visit.
Male Forums Member 
#9 | Posted: 24 Jan 2012 20:47
Sveike Yuta, Paldias!
Yes I will always speak what I see. I do not have to seek approval like Asians and change my names into local names and be a cunning slave. When i say Black Americans, I mean Black Americans! I write what I see. I do not want to be political about it. Even today I saw a black guy gets arrested when I was coming out of the office! And probably he's living on my and your tax money. What kind of Racism is that? So some people will just do sh* whole their lives and some will work hard & pay half their money as tax! What kind of Racism is that? And what is wrong with Racism? People who are really Racist. actually read history. They are not like new generation Asian or South American from dodgy backgrounds with no culture, grace, using other people and stay in a neutral zone only to surprise later.

RIGA is beautiful and full of history. I loved the freedom monument and i want to know more about it later. And YES I WILL BE BACK! But I also want to see Scotland, land of Robert Bruce, Greece many!
If you Latvian people are ever in Stockholm, let me know and we will have some coffee and snack that we call fika here.
Male Admin 
#10 | Posted: 25 Jan 2012 13:53
First of all, about Sweetday Cafee mentioned above.

I was in the Old Town past days and walked around this place.

I would say, there is nothing unusual. It's a common place with common drinks, atmosphere and prices. Beers starting from Lvl 2,50, Salads Lvl 4-6, Short Drinks Lvl 3-6. It's not about discotheque. Honestly speaking, I'd never did a step in there, there are more funny places around (like the caffee near the Galerija Centrs, don't remember it's title, but it's not possible to miss when you are there).

Ok, I think we still do not need to discuss racism or fascism or any other radical idea a lot of here. White people are getting arrested as well, lots of white people are also lazy and badly criminal and so on. It's not about people's skin color or nationality. It's still just about a survival.

To survive, you need a protection. Giving the hit first is the best protection. That's why white people say: we hate black people. It's not because they hate them because they are black, but it's because they make the first hit before black hit them. It's because black are physically much stronger that white people, but white people are more clever. Currently, we are living in the world, where clever people do politics. But if strong people will destroy clever people, who will do politics then? There will be no civilization anymore. Black people understand this as well, they need to build their own civilization while white building their own. Everybody co-exist and co-operates at this stage.

But there will be really a time, when the most strongest ethnicity of color, language or religion will take this world. If there will be many differences between lots of humans, the human race can't achieve it's Bigger Goal. We can't understand what we are created for, if we don't understand each other.

Or we need to destroy the confrontations some other way, which seems impossible so far.

That's all I have to say about it. Do I really care about it? No. My purpose of living is to survive and to continue my semen, giving it a new life. I'm for the nature processes.

Cheers, dude. Welcome back.
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