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Would be easy to get a job after studying in Latvia, and/or part-time job while studying?

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Male Forums Member 
#1 | Posted: 8 Aug 2012 10:37
My name is meikle , Veterinarian , I am going to be Master student at university of Latvia , I kindly like to ask about work & living problems there , please someone with real experiences tell me & explain ; would be easy to get job with studying there ?
regarding the women & all related posts , I red most but i have a different opinion & vision , women is value not just body for night , when you get women you should respect her as much as possible like yourself , as i have learned women is life .
best regards for all ,
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Female Lady Blady 
#2 | Posted: 8 Aug 2012 20:09
Hey Meikle, thanks for your interest and spending your life for Latvia!

Honestly speaking, I don't have pets at home, but I know many people do have them. Each year, this amount grows up, because people become more and more lonely, split from each other by the economical, social, political, religion problems. We separate from each other a lot in this country... 2012 shows it at the very critical level.

And each year, lots of people in Latvia throw the little pets out. We also have lots of collectors for thrown pets in Latvia, which are paid off by the government. So I suppose, with such a profession you have lots of chances to find a job, because the Latvian government seems to take more care about pets and animals than human citizens.

As about our topics, and women - you are welcome to share your opinion in each thread... you are right when saying a "woman is life", but truly this is only half of the meaning. How about men? If there would be no men, women couldn't produce a new life. It's a right balance on this planet. Both women and men make life to happen.

when you get women you should respect her as much as possible like yourself

Hah! I would say, ALL men say and mean that at the initial stage of relationships. Further to that, when relationship continues, each of us starts to require even more and more from "the other half"... and in most cases, words about respect become forgotten!
Male Forums Member 
#3 | Posted: 10 Aug 2012 06:46
thanks yuta , I am so Glad to see your words , thank you about useful data about my profession , your opinion most valuable to me .
you are right " women can not produce life alone " , they should share each other but who can produce a happiness , fun , warm feelings , kindness; she only can , so that exactly what I meant ,because of man as a humankind his feelings more harder & most of men looking to women for bed or fun only & that due to many responsibilities as you know but in her eyes the man all her life , when I see a successful man sure , he has a successful private life .
regarding respect , I did not say that in first relationship to any women because she always see that from my behaviour with her , also ; I think no calm , pretty women prefer to fall in Love with arrogant or vulgar man . women need to find man she can trust , appreciate her feelings , she can keep him forever , getting old together ,feel like one , help each other ; these respect parameters I meant ,anyway , Latvians have amazing country , history , culture& traditions , I am really so proud to be among you , thank you again .
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Female Lady Blady 
#4 | Posted: 10 Aug 2012 12:20
when I see a successful man sure , he has a successful private life

I would say otherwise... without the successful private life, you can't be a successful man!

Thanks for your interest; I would recommend to go further from your ideals and imaginations... when you meet the woman or man, which is "created for you", you will see it's not ideal... it just relates to you, just for you... good luck
Male Forums Member 
#5 | Posted: 10 Aug 2012 15:00
thanks yuta ,
you can be successful even without successful life but private successful life will help much , I know there is not angels on this planet , you hope to meet suitable partner complement you .
let me ask you what the beautiful thing in Latvia rather than girls ,,,hah?
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Female Lady Blady 
#6 | Posted: 11 Aug 2012 17:10
It may be wild nature and cuisine, much more healthy food than anywhere else ;)
Male Forums Member 
#7 | Posted: 13 Aug 2012 19:19
yuta , I like kindly ask about , what should avoid during my living in riga ? , and tell me from your view what is disadvantages of latvian society & your wish in near future be fixed
i wait your reply
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#8 | Posted: 20 Aug 2012 10:37
Hey there,

regarding "avoiding" something - I may recommend to study our Safety thread on some questions solved... Disadvantages, huh?.. I would say, Latvian people, specially youth, have a tension to copy lots of things from capitalistic countries, this comes up in dress, style, social feeling and so on. Despite we have gates wide open for our own culture and achievements, such things are not cultivated, but the TV / magazines / Internet are. I wish each Latvian girl and person would be more concentrated on herself, on the personal world and personal achievements ;) as about all other things... they are mostly the same kind like in any other country in the world. May be Latvia by now is still a bit poor country comparing to the Imperialistic Europe, but I know there are many countries in the world which are even poorest.
Male Forums Member 
#9 | Posted: 8 Sep 2012 13:53
I think that in order for people to realise their true value in their respective professions, they may have to move to a different country. When I was in Latvia recently I met lots of people in very responsible jobs, earning very very low wages. Around 300 Lats per month. In the same employment people could be expected to earn 400 pounds a week in Britain
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#10 | Posted: 10 Sep 2012 12:15
I met lots of people in very responsible jobs, earning very very low wages. Around 300 Lats per month. In the same employment people could be expected to earn 400 pounds a week in Britain

Yes, but how much they would be forced to spend while living in Britain? And what kind of Britain do you mean? London? Liverpool? Bristol? I suppose, each area has its own wages and its own costs. What we get in Latvia, is approx. the same as what we may get in UK, comparing by the getting/spending rate.

As I know, you would spend 300-400 pounds only paying the appartment's rent in UK. Transport is much expensive, too.

For the same amount of money, in Latvia you can survive - renting an appartment in the other side than Riga, or the district of Riga for about 100-150 Lats/month, spending about 3-4 Lats for the food and the rest to your own needs. Yes, it's very small wadge - but I suppose, about 70-80% of people are happy to work for it, 'cause most likely you won't find anything more impressive for a "middle class".
Male Forums Member 
#11 | Posted: 16 Oct 2012 01:05
I graduated from faculty of law (bachelor degree) from egypt and I am intrested to study Master in Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA).at the first i want to know if i can work with study (if the law allow that) .
and how much salary can i get from the work.i know it is depend on work but if i wark in resturant or small thing .and what is about life cost in Latvia.
(food and live in share apartment or motel .
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#12 | Posted: 16 Oct 2012 12:32 | Edited by: yuta
Whatever I know, is that law doesn't even specify this point. I.e. if you could work while studying or not. It purely depends on yourself and your agreement with the university - if you would have time for that, if you won't miss the lectures and so on. It's not about the law at all... so you can easily do it, I guess.

The salary will depend on your area of expertise and the company you will work in. Most likely if you come from Egypt, you don't know Latvian language, don't own the Latvian citizenship and so you can't work in the official government institutions. Only private companies may hold you. But there are so many local lawyers and students graduated the law science in the recent years, that I doubt you will find a well-paid job having such specialty, there are too many competitors for you. May be you could count for at least 300-400 LVL after taxes, but this is also a very lucky salary. Honestly I'm not sure what kind of knowledge could you suggest to Latvians after graduating in Egypt. You don't know the Latvian law, the Latvian language, history, local traditions and behaviors... it would be truly complicated.

So I think, at the first stage only some unqualified job may stand to you. But here the prices are much lower than for a graduated profession. Probably 250-300 LVL after taxes is the optimal salary you may get, while working, let's say in some food shop, or a building worker. Working in a restaurant or bar may bring you difficulties, as workers of these professions, by Latvian law, should know the Latvian language as well. Most likely, noone would hire you for such jobs, if you don't know Latvian/Russian/English.

In some other threads on our forum, you may find answers to your questions regarding the cost of living in Latvia:

How much to rent a house/appartment/hotel room
Beer prices
How much would it cost to...

The cost of living varies from the "surviving" to "life spending" level. The minimal wage in Latvia is about 170 LVL for now (~250 EUR). But this is only if you don't rent an appartment. Renting the cheapest appartment with partial comfort would cost starting from 100 EUR in Riga (may be cheaper in smaller cities in Latvia - but there you definitely find no job, as in Latvia, there is about 15% of unemployed amongst the potentially working population).
Male Forums Member 
#13 | Posted: 16 Oct 2012 20:28
thanks Yuta very mush but really i want find unqualified job when i be studying.i know English will .but i don't know Latvian language .but i can learn short Basics of the language Before coming to help me in Latvia. does that help me to find job.
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Female Lady Blady 
#14 | Posted: 17 Oct 2012 12:19
So far I could conclude, that your English is not A+++ knowledge, too

In Latvia, there are 3 categories of Latvian language knowledge (lowest, average, highest/perfect with various grades), and depending on the job offer, an employer may require from you the certain level of knowing. As I know, any "normal" employer which pays taxes, may be the subject of visiting the language inspection, which will require that all workers have a certain Latvian category, proving it with the "knowledge passport". So almost all solid employers require this category in the document.

If you don't have such passport, i.e. if you didn't get the "official" category of language confirming your knowledge, I'm afraid you won't be able to find a proper job.

Also take into attention, that low-jobs foreigners which do not know the Language, do not know their rights/responsibilities as well. Even amongst the local workers, I know there are often cases of the salary not being paid before you are fired, or not being paid at all "because of crisis".
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