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The woman of my life

gvdanese Profile Pictures: 1
Male Forums Member 
#1 | Posted: 31 Aug 2013 23:49
Hi every body! My name is Gianni, I come from italy, I am an human being, first of all, then I play music, I teach music, I am a freelance journalist. I am 42 yo.

Why am I here? I will explain in a few words, and I need your help if you'll agree to my request...

Three month ago I met the woman of my life, she is Natasha, 27 yo, from Riga. I met her in Rome, in the afternoon of a beautiful sunday. I loved her from the first moment. Ok... May be from the third second... She was in Rome working as au pair.

We were friends for a months, I was teaching her a little bit of tango, we recorded a video for fun in the street of Rome, dancing tango...

After one month we started a love story, very beautiful, sweet, joyful and happy. The sweetest love story in my life. We felt our souls so linked and close to each other. She was with me so sweet, lovely, gentle and passionate. Her hand always in my hand. Our harmony was perfect, and at the end of July she decided not to come back in Latvia and we plan to live together from september, she was very happy about this. All was perfect until she flew to see her sister in Belgium for 5 days.

When she was back she left me, suddenly, she told me that she was not ready for engage herself in a deep relationship, she was not ready to love... And she flew back to his mother in Riga.

I have written so many email to her. Nothing. From the half of august I am very sad, my life has stopped in a deep suffering. Sorry for this confidence, but I want to be sincere with you.

I felt her so much in my soul, and I would try to have a talk with her in Riga. Only a talk, only to see again her eyes in my eyes and tell her that our meeting was unique and precious, asking her to give us another chance, without have panic or fear of a relationship.

I ask you to help me, I don't know how, help me to communicate with her. To communicate to Natasha my love, my request to give us a chance more, in the name of our joyful happiness, in the name of our souls link.

To whom will be available to help me, I will communicate in private the name of the girl, her fb account, just for make a try, just in order to tell her "hey, this man loves you!".

And if i will come in Riga to see her I'd like to offer you something, a dinner, a beer, to thank you from the deep of my heart.

Finally. I write you as I felt something different in Natasha, and I believe now that something very good, gently and pure is saved in the heart of the latvian girls... I didn't never found this sweetness in all my other love story.

Thank you

yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#2 | Posted: 2 Sep 2013 12:31 | Edited by: yuta
Thanks for your story; for me, it's not a unique one, and I'm wondering how anybody else could help you, if you can't help yourself?..

So you have felt in love with a beautiful Slavic girl (Slavic not slavish - pls note), 15 years younger than you. Not a miracle - Italians love Slavic girls; specifically, Russian girls. Natasha is not Latvian name. If she was/is living in Riga/Latvia, it doesn't mean she is "Latvian" girl, I mean, root Latvian. Also the age of your new passion describes you as a man who fells in love too often. Were you married earlier? having children? Most possibly YOU was the first serious choice of this young woman, may be the first serious relationship with an adult man, so SHE was also falling into passion with no strategical thinking. Young people nowadays are so adjective!

But are you really sure afterall you have found the woman of your life? Or is it just a passion? Filming tango on streets stays far away from growing kids. And looking at your specialties, "music, photography"... are you sure these are professions the "clever" woman will hang up these days? It seems even in 42 you are still being a little kid in your soul, a little kid which needs instant playing and new toys each day. And "losing" Natasha, it seems like you were losing your new toy, and it seems unacceptable for you: "wtf? I was ALWAYS getting new toys with no problems, now the toy got me!"

Oh common, how many such "kids" I've met in my life, I know what you guys are about

I have a prediction that after meeting her (possibly OLDER) sister in Belgium, Natasha was brainwashed regarding Italian men and "husbands", because Internet is full of bad stories with agencies from Italy. I could expect that she's having a sick mother in Riga.

Usually, a person may avoid communication because of a deep depression happened recently. It seems like Natasha's life is not that rainbow-full and after getting even a small ray in the skies, she was attacked by her relatives to not make the next step, because it "may be dangerous" for her.

Wish you good luck in your research, but as you see, I'm truly skeptical about all that!
gvdanese Profile Pictures: 1
Male Forums Member 
#3 | Posted: 2 Sep 2013 17:34
I am a child of course, and the world is full of toys. I saved the chil inside me, this is may be a problem... I dont know.

I have a profession, i own two apartments in Italy, i think i am not poor, not rich. But i am sure about my feelings, and about the happiness we had together with Natasha.

Yesterday we chat finally on skype, she asked time, two months and then we will have a talk, in the meantime i can write her and send some music played by me. I love her, she is in my soul. And she told me the same thing so many times.

I am not that kind of man looking for easy s e x, we fallen in love in a very sweet way in Rome. That's all. I have a soul, i am not a material man. And she knows it.

Yes, her sister is older than her, 38, and married with a very rich 70yo man from
Belgium. I think age is not a problem.

I hope that warm feelings in her heart will overcome this crisis beetwen us, thi is my hope as i know how sweet was our harmony.

Thanks for your reply.
gvdanese Profile Pictures: 1
Male Forums Member 
#4 | Posted: 2 Sep 2013 17:51
Post scriptum

I am not so stupid, desperate and silly naive to apply for a woman in a dating agency or website.

May be there are lot of bad stories about this "meeting", of course, as they start in a sick way, they are insane from the beginning.

There is nothing so wonderful that meeting your twin soul under the sky, under the sun, living your life and your destiny.

Natasha is for me simply the love, a woman, a soul that loved me so sweetly and that i loved in the same way.

May be she wont back with me, i dont know. She will have for ever a special place in my heart.

yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#5 | Posted: 3 Sep 2013 19:02
Yesterday we chat finally on skype

Oh well, congratulations then - so you see, posting on this forum really works and helps, mentally and of course I may be wrong! I wish all people could be lucky in relationship; unfortunately, life shows another end of it... to often...

Good luck and if possible, keep us informed about your progress, it's curious
gvdanese Profile Pictures: 1
Male Forums Member 
#6 | Posted: 3 Sep 2013 22:41
Dear Yuta, i had a chat with her, finally, but i am no better now....

She asked me to stop writing letter, as i have written her many email full of love, with the purpose of reflecting together about our sweet love story now ended in a so fast way. She asked me silence for two months... It's very hard for me not to write her email.

I dont understand, may be you can help me understand this. We were in a very sweet and deep relationship, planning to live together in september, making love, hand in hand always. From one day she tells me that she is not ready for a relationship, and quit, and go back to Latvia. I was very shocked, i hope you can understand me.

Now i am tryng to not write her. If there is some feeling in her heart it doesnt depend on my letters. I think so. She wrote me that she remember very well our harmony and i hope these memories can warm up again her love. It's my only hope at the moment.

If you have any suggestion, please, dont hesitate to tell me

Thanks a lot Yuta
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#7 | Posted: 6 Sep 2013 15:35
She asked me to stop writing letter, as i have written her many email full of love

You know, it's really boring to have the Inbox opened and seeing you can't check all emails today, because they are too many that fact you are writing letters, doesn't make any sense. Copying-pasting methods... and so on. It's not so creative.

hand in hand always

Always... hand in hand... it's even MORE BORING! Avoid this in your relationship... people should take a break from each other sometimes.

I'm not sure what could I recommend you. Being a woman I could tell that if I decided something, it has no way back. But characters are different. May be you need let the story to calm down a bit, just wait. Because, if you still have a chance, then it needs time to be here. And if you have no chances anymore, then it all doesn't make sense, and no other actions should be taken.

gvdanese Profile Pictures: 1
Male Forums Member 
#8 | Posted: 23 Sep 2013 16:21 | Edited by: Admin
Please, I am looking for the address in Riga of [censored - sorry]

The address, only the address.

Someone can help me?
Male Admin 
#9 | Posted: 23 Sep 2013 18:25 | Edited by: Plomb
Sorry pal. We are not giving personal information.

I have removed the real names from your message, sorry.
This board is not for disclosuring private life.

You can post your "hello" and describe relationship, in general, but not real names, addresses etc. - this is too impolite, we hope you understand.
Male Forums Member 
#10 | Posted: 19 Oct 2013 11:54
I hope you win
#11 | Posted: 9 Aug 2014 22:36
Its the Latin mentality, especially the Italians. They are very, jealous, possesive,insecure, and needy, and no woman wants this.
Male Forums Member 
#12 | Posted: 10 Aug 2014 16:08
I kinda agree with Centaur. What women really want is a "Man" - It means everything. manning/Organized own life, Leading, Wise, Strong(physically,mentally and financially) . These all contribute to the Self Confidence making you walk and talk like a princess. Yet being gentle, kind and chivalrous. Rest everything with respect to attracting a women will fall in place (which includes, being humorous, lively, fun,affectionate,loving, caring, playful teasing making the girl to crave/long/desire after you than you after her all the time).
Male Forums Member 
#13 | Posted: 10 Aug 2014 16:23
Be it Latvian,Russian,Indian,African,American,Chinese, or (any)European or any women in the world, they are just women! Maybe physical, mental and emotional features, likes and dislikes in particular may vary(keeping aside external beauty). What you should look for and evaluate is inner beauty(unless otherwise if you are looking for a casual NSA, or just for fun). I Look for inner beauty - Good Temper, kindness, affectionate, sincere, honest and loyal.


Am I realistic, do you think, I can find one in Latvia?
yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#14 | Posted: 12 Aug 2014 23:41
I could reply to all the above messages at once: when a woman meets a man, she doesn't perceive him using terms. It's all about feeling and intuition. You could be attractive to spend one night with her, but only a woman decides about the second night.

Am I realistic, do you think, I can find one in Latvia?

Everyone could find, I think
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