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Latvia store collapse in the "Maxima" food shop, 21-Nov-2013, Riga

Male Admin 
#1 | Posted: 22 Nov 2013 22:56 | Edited by: Plomb
With the deepest condolences to all the people involved, injured and dead, all the creators and publishers of this site come with this message. As you might know from news, couple of days ago Latvia experienced the biggest crash in all the post-USSR history, which is already called a "black Thursday". More than 100 of people visiting the food shop after work, became hidden under the heavy roof falling on them.

We don't want to discuss versions, look up for guilty, collect pictures and chew the black gum, like most of the mass media doing these days. For those who are specially interested, you may rack and find lots of materials over there.

At the current stage, we would like to pray. More than 50 people are already discovered dead, 3 of them are rescue workers. We suspect this amount may grow in the couple of the next days, as there were too many people in the shop by the evening time, when this crash happened.

If anyone needs an insiders information on what's going on, or how to call somebody, or where to look up for infos, we would be glad to help. Just make a post in this thread.

There will be three days of mourning starting Saturday. Let's keep it silent.
Male Forums Member 
#2 | Posted: 23 Nov 2013 14:25
I am very sad to hear this news, we hope that the mercy of God
Male Contributor 
#3 | Posted: 28 Nov 2013 00:27 | Edited by: lucias
They were very sad news, black Latvia for 3 days!

Here is the unique video to see and feel what was happened; it's the 3rd part of the roof, two were broken in the same way earlier, and that part which was broken at first, killed about 54 people.

It's a proof to see there was no escape! People actually didn't even understand what happened or how they were killed! Less than a second took their lives. Terrible...

Now it's a new time in Latvia to think what happens and how to live further, because actually all understand there are left not so many building specialists, and know what - there are tittle-tattle gossips flying that "54" is the lowered amount, there were much more people at that evening in this shop! And this is because if there would be more than 60, then it would mean an International Investigation, and someone obviously wants to hide some facts, because Latvian government is thoroughly corrupted one.

For me personally it's obviously not clear how could it be allowed that the shop was opened while the building was heavily continuing, thus on the top, on the roof, that means people were not even protected by helmets. Whatever building works I see around, they all say "It's forbidden to enter this territory" and the man in a helmet is drown. But this is not the similar case or what?

And the story continues even more, today we have Valdis Dombrovskis, the Prime Minister, resigned... Honestly I doubt something will change because of that, they replace him by someone else, but this is the fact - before entering the EURO zone in 2014, Latvia has no government... wondering how could it affect EURO... it's not a normal finance union if it includes the countries with a corrupted government or no government at all!..
#4 | Posted: 29 Nov 2013 05:44
I want to express my condolences. This is tragic and I hope the families of the victims and the survivors can overcome this terrible situation.
#5 | Posted: 4 Dec 2013 16:48
My deep apologies to all who has injured in this catastrophe. I was shocked to see that something like this could even happen. But I can not understand what happens after the breaking news. Yes, Mr Dombrovskis resigned and so in the very black moment of its history Latvia has now NO GOVERNMENT. So was this resigning step logical? Not at all, it seems like Dombrovskis just frightened of the responsibility. And after that, he began the massive campaign against Maxima shops to "boycott" this company it means not buy goods in these shops and so now he invites all other people to do it. I am wondering how it be possible that a minister who resigns itself, is still ruling advices and what to do and acting like a minister, so either hes is not resigned or not, it doesnt matter a lot, because President doesnt support the other minister candidates, that is why Dombrovskis is still the same minister.

It all seems like a lots of words and pasta over citizens ears and eyes, still none is arrested because of this crime and I believe never will be arrested. This reminds me the era of Italian movie called LA PIOVRA starring Micele Placido, it is a great example of how mafia and corruption could rule the country, in my opinion this is what is happening in Latvia for the most recent 20+independance years. There exists some clan, a "family" of about 100-200 involved root LATVIANS which own EVERYTHING in this country. This company who build the shop, Re&Re, it builds the most expensive projects, including those sponsored by ERAF, it builded almost of all serious projects in the past years all over Latvia, and after Dombrovskis said this company should be stopped from the Government orders, in the text couple of days he was fired.

They look up for guilty in various institutions i.e. who accepted / signed this building project before it got realized, they look up in Riga Council, national opposition already talks about how the government should be formed - i.e. everyone of them now talks about something which is not related to the murder of people. They like draw the attention off from the real problem - then how it should be called. It is absolutely clean than they will do everything to hide this case, to forget it, to attract attention to other things. That is how the real mafia makes business, that is how weapons are sold over the world, how governments fall. It is all they dirty money who are washe through tens of fake offshore companies and later they get to the proper source.

I believe after all this country Latvia has no ways to fight this. It is a toy country, just a little island of money being pumped up and down with the visibility of events, but those who can see over this visibility, see an empty ball, which is just rolled to the side where someone pushes it.
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