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New guy here.. dated a Latvian girl, would love to hear your thoughts.

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#1 | Posted: 25 Apr 2017 15:48
Hi, I hope you are all doing good. I found this site by chance when searching google. Maybe you can help me understand the Latvian woman mind! I know to understand any woman mind is hard. But try! Ha 3 weeks ago my Latvian (Russian Dad) girlfriend finished our relationship, I seen her act strange for 3 months and pull back so I had a little idea but I didn't think she would give up easily on us. We had 9 months together. I will give you short back story on the girl. She moved to Ireland when 19 to her parents here. Met a guy here and in love, got pregnant but lost the babies, twins. Then pregnant again and had a little girl now 3 years old. When the baby was one month she left him, said he wasn't helping, out a lot, she had enough by now. Moved back to the town I live now in Ireland but he still sees the child and pays.

She's been here 3 years now living, single a long time, then found a guy online, he was married and kids and lived in the U.K., but told her his wife and him are not together, he brought her on trips, he flew over to see her once a month. But it ended, he could not commit to her, was to hard to work. I think he used her really for fun on the side but she don't believe. She said he was her biggest love. She felt strong about him. She's not into just fun" she's into a mind, smarts. Future. Good things. Anyway, we met last year online, she lives very close to me, 5 minutes drive. We talked and got on very well, she asked me to meet for coffee. We did and made plans to go out on a date! I thought she was amazing. So beautiful and smart! Nice humour too. Respectful also. We had a great time, all summer. She told me she loved me, I could tell she did her actions showed, calls and texts. I was very happy. And falling in love too.

Summer ended and things changed, I was looking for work, she had work, and her child and life got busy and more stressful. I seen she pulled back, I thought I'm losing her. I was helping her any way I could, picking her child up when she worked, these things to help her. But she seemed to have lost love for me. It was cold, I asked her a lot what's up? Talk to me. I won't be mad be honest, she said it's fine she's just finding things hard right now, juggling life and all with it. Then I got work! Soon after she asked me to move in. I was happy. This was a sign maybe this is ok we would work. Was ok but I lost that job soon after not my fault, and things got hard. Money wise. We argued. Over silly things too. It was frustrating.. felt I was losing her and couldn't do anything. She stopped saying nice words or even I love you. She stopped love making. Touch, any touch at all was gone. I knew it's bad but more I spoke of it more she got angry. Coming close to ending then not. She asked for space in February so I moved out.

We talked days later and she told me she doesn't it to end but we go back to before the move and try .. I was happy. Things went fine, but again pullled back.. stopped replying to texts. Just showing lack of interest. Then 3 weeks ago we talk and I ask what is going on? She was upset and said she didn't have feelings anymore, she tried. She didn't want to hurt me, she said I was such a good man, a good heart I helped a lot but love and feeling wasn't there for her. I said it's ok, don't worry can't force you to love me. She asked please if we can remain friends, maybe the future life is less busy something happens.. but wanted friendship. Now this is odd part.. since the break up, she became very good friends with my two friends, who she knows I spend a lot of time with, she even is helping them with things. I didn't know why she is doing this? Why she trying to get close to them when she knows I am there. She knows i am at there house she still calls about something. She has called me few times since the break, to talk sometimes for 2 hours.. she texts. Usually people run other way when they dump someone not get close to there friend and call the person? I don't get that. We are friends, she is good person. So I am ok with this now. She is special.
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#2 | Posted: 27 May 2017 16:12
Hi my friend,

I am truly sad for you (I know the feeling, believe me), but I am sure somehow you will get over it. Let me be frank with you: no matter what they will tell you on this site or elsewhere, Latvian girls have a traditional outlook on life. If you want to keep their respect (I mean as a man, not as a friend running errands for them) you have to be a provider, you have to give them the material security they long for, and you have to be strong and independent. Especially when they have a child.

So my advice would be to cut her out of your life, make a fresh start professionally, and find another woman. And, for the record, never, ever, chase a girl who doesn't love you anymore. By appearing needy, you are only making things worse. Have a little trip to Latvia and you will find there are tens of thousands of single beauties there who are waiting for you. But for God's sake, stop being so romantic, you will only reap contempt.

Kind regards from a French friend,
Introductions Forums About Latvian Girls And Around / Introductions / New guy here.. dated a Latvian girl, would love to hear your thoughts. Top
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