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Bringing car to Latvia

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Female Lady Blady 
#29 | Posted: 25 Feb 2016 11:16
Are in Riga cheap to go by taxi?

Here are the cheapest taxies you may call for in Riga, Latvia:

Alviksa - call 8535 while being in Riga
EUR 0,70 call
EUR 0,32 /km for driving
EUR 0,12 /min for standing

SOS Taxi - call 67 222 222 while being in Riga
EUR 0,70 call
EUR 0,36 /km for driving
EUR 0,13 /min for standing

Panda Taxi - call 67 000 000 while being in Riga
fees are approximately the same as aforementioned.

These prices only if you get taxi by call.

You may also use Taxify service.
#30 | Posted: 14 Mar 2016 13:43
Great idea as only beat up 25 year old cars are sold for high prices here.BMW 1990 estate 4000 euro is not cheap to me. No right hand car will sell as I have an English car as UK expat and can drive it all over Europe but not in Latvia at all. I wish to sell but stuck now. Need a car that is reliable for less money than we are forced to pay for crap. The car tax system is so cheap the very young are racers in BMW Mercedes and 30 year old Fords. Just bring as many over as possible park them near Riga airport in a farmers field stick adverts in news papers and wait.Good cars at a sensible price go out like hot cakes if price is right. You must remember sir that Latvian wages are not good . 400 Euro per month is average low paid. Here that amount can keep a family run a car for a month and have 10 Euro saved. Houses cost high in Riga but I paid just 23 k for house in 3 acres now landscaped into a garden. Outside Riga by 30 miles is far cheaper. No mortgage no rates no worries save I NEED A CAR.
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