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What kind of men Latvian girls like?

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#71 | Posted: 30 Sep 2013 06:26
An individual has the right to be protective of his own race, culture and nation. Race mixers have an agenda and so will demonize and brainwash people not to practice that basic instinct. They do so to promote infighting which helps them control populations better. Peoples of Eastern Europe never colonized anyone, so why should they have to put up with others taking over their countries' jobs, culture and women? How is this fair? They are the most beautiful race and should be left pure.

I am not European, but have a light complexion for the record. I believe in separation but mutual respect and cooperation.
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#72 | Posted: 14 Oct 2013 22:31
Regarding the post above.

I think, human race, sooner or later, will skip those discussions about nations, politics..... Humans are all the same. Two legs, two arms, a head and lots of assumption.

But the true is: we must survive on This Planet. That's all.

Further thinking is up to you.
#73 | Posted: 16 Oct 2013 20:08
Women in general first are attracted to potential mate for a genetic reason, money, power, other factors comes after that. I believe that I am attracted to someone who is in my race but has different features, for instance - I am a typical Balt - Blond-ish, blue/green eyes, larger bone structure in face but small physique. I am attracted to brow haired brown eyed man physically. Dating a blond guy, that is genetically very close to me (a distant relative) feels wrong, like dating my cousin. Genetically we try to get a far as possible partner in the limits of our own race to get a better genetic mix for our kids - stronger and more resistance for illnesses and stuff.

I have never been attracted to a man from different race - just physically, as a first instinct, I would first have to get to know the person to fall in love for other reason that just appearance. I am not a racist and think all races/ all human deserve the same opportunities, what they chose to do with them is a different issue.
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#74 | Posted: 16 Oct 2013 23:25 | Edited by: Plomb
I am attracted to brow haired brown eyed man physically.

Quite a surprise to know that! Excuse me, but WHERE did you inherit this "knowledge" FROM?

It seems like it would come from your very deep nature, but it doesn't mean it belongs to ALL kind of physical beings like you!

Dating a blond guy, that is genetically very close to me (a distant relative) feels wrong, like dating my cousin.

I must tend to agree to that!

I have felt it many times, actually, that being closer to "the same" or "similar" person doesn't bring so much feelings as being up to the "opposite". I wouldn't mean the people of different skin color or geo-location here. Even white-to-white race could bring so many surprises; but look at the world - how split we are!..

But I guess, it would come from a very deep nature of human being, again. If you are up to continue the white human race, and if you are up to make it in the most proper term, then you *must* mixture it with someone oppositely different white nation.

That's the most doubtful white human race question of all kinds. But so far, seeing how people develop, I must consider the "white mixed nations" could be the most powerful. Because white people being on themselves, gradually die - they can't inherit from themselves, never, they always need to take others powers and experience to continue the Race.

I know, it's very opposite opinion to the National or Black Racism Patriots on this forum, so in no way I am trying to make them opposite - otherwise, it's a great pleasure for me to see how They are trying to protect their "cleanness", so -- roll up!..

Just again to mention - my message is not about Racism, I know that Black people are very different in themselves, Yellow people are even more different, what could I say about Indians - the WHOLE Race in themselves - we must carefully think about WHO WE ARE before talking about Racism!

And yes, I hate when Black people Fuck Latvian girls - that's only my opinion! They just cross the line, fuck!..
#75 | Posted: 17 Oct 2013 18:04
#76 | Posted: 18 Oct 2013 02:14
My girlfriend is Latvian and here are my thoughts:

I think that they really value a man who instead of speaking only for himself, speaks for the couple, also they don't like cocky guys and seem to have a very simple personality, and if you really want to know them, and they notice that they might give you "hints" for you to discover (which I found very interesting)

A lot of people think that they are like "gold diggers", in fact, from my experience of course, money is not the way to get them to like you, you will just mess everything up.
Instead cook her some dinner, go for a walk with her, make sure she knows you are really there for her, and not for her looks.

There is a lot to tell on this subject, but i'll keep the rest to myself, but all good people

P.S.: I am probably one of the luckiest man alive just to have her, so respect them, they really deserve that!

P.P.S.: Sorry for any english errors, but it is not my main language
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#77 | Posted: 18 Oct 2013 13:34
Sorry for any english errors, but it is not my main language

Your English is perfect so far, specially comparing to the English of a person posted above you. I could confirm on many points (you) KadettGTE said. Being a foreigner, I am building relationship with one of them, so I may confirm these words. Actually, Latvian girls are truly simple because they are coming from quite a puritan land. So they are up to more puritan aspects of their life.

But this message above, I mean from MUHAMMAD JAMIL truly shows how Latvian girls may look to the whole world. Why it is so? Who knows. This forum is possible the only place on Earth to debunk the myths.
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#78 | Posted: 5 Nov 2013 12:09
Yuta, my friend married a Latvian and has been all about her the more reason I'm on the look out. Only that they hardly leave their country to other places
#79 | Posted: 11 Nov 2013 23:32
in my opinion latvian are xenophobe,because probably girls abroad dont give a damn about latvian boys,if girls like foreigner they use it as a toy or trying to have a job abroad,and the boy sits a home with his tongue "of 2 meters" masturbating
#80 | Posted: 1 Apr 2014 20:52
Really? My experience with latvian women is that they are demanding and want everything their way or no way. From my experience they also cheat and think its ok to do so if they can blanket it with lies. They think it is ok to flirt with other men and swap numbers, sleep with them, go on dating sites, talk dirty with strangers online and so on. But if we do it we are cheaters and down right nasty men.

The beautiful ones think they hold the key but they do not admire soft men. They prefer men who will not stand for this and put their foot down. Someone who is masterful but yet a keeper and a good lover. At the end of the day their insecurities need to be taken care of.

Maybe others have different experiences but to myself this has been it. And starngely they all seem to think that cheating on their men is ok as they tend to do this quite often. With friends, clubbers or online contacts. This makes it very hard to trust them.
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#81 | Posted: 13 Jun 2014 13:05
I think all people everywhere regardless of gender, human looking good for the development of their own lives. To be able to experience peace with them., But man, what is good? Well, the whole human person does not do a bad job. It is not possible to think of a bad job., But this is the general definition. Should be confronted with people. They did research on mood and personal choice.
#82 | Posted: 8 Jul 2014 02:35
Generally Latvian girls are dishonest and steal a lot ! A lot of the girls have psycological problems and are hunting for material possessions. In order to achieve this end they use their bodies and gradually work their way into your life and home, build up trust and rob you.

There were a few Latvian girls (not Russian Latvian, they are nice) that were operating in London and acting as such.

Stay away from theiving east europeans lads Fuck them in parks and leave them there !
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#83 | Posted: 10 Jul 2014 15:00
Generally Latvian girls are dishonest and steal a lot !

This needs a correction. Not ALL Latvian girls are that.
You would need to clarify, either biggest part of them or just a few you have met.
Mohan Singh 
#84 | Posted: 7 Sep 2014 05:17
how dare u all insulted our Indian culture we Indian Aryans are master race we taught u idiots how to count.without us the white man won't be able to reach the moon,we r Caucasians like u..we upper cast Hindus Brahmin are dare u all compared us to blacks and Arabs u can compare dalits to those apes not we Brahmins.
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